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Progressive Delivery – Delivery of Papers in Parts

If someone finds they have a large paper to write or one that is reasonably complex, it is often useful to get these papers completed and delivered to you in parts. This is a flexible service that is happy to offer. So, in the event you have an assignment that is comprised of 10+ pages or 20+ pages in length (single-spacing or double-spacing respectively), you may avail yourself of our company’s progressive method of delivery. Benefits:

  • Requesting a paper to be delivered progressively means it is easier for you to track. It gives you time to review and/or approve the individual sections before your final cut-off or submission date.
  • This delivery method gives you up to 30 days to request free revision (our usual timeframe for accepting free revision requests is 2 days).
  • Your assignment will be passed to some of our top people to write, proofread, and edit.
  • Your assignment will get preferential treatment i.e. it will be overseen by a specially-selected manager who will make sure it is completed to the highest standard and that you are able to communicate at all times with your writer.

How completes and delivers drafts*: 

  • Papers with 4 days deadlines (or somewhere within this timeframe): Given this completion timeframe, you receive one part when 50% of your chosen deadline expires (for instance, you get the first part 1 day into the deadline if you choose a completion timeframe of 2 days). And you receive 25% of your paper at this stage (i.e. if you ordered 40 pages, you get a first installment of 10 pages at the half-way mark).
  • Papers with 5 to 11 days deadlines: Given this completion timeframe, you receive two separate installments of your order when 25% and 50% of your chosen deadline expires. And, likewise, you receive installments of 25% and 50% (respectively) of your order at these times.
  • Papers with 12 days or 12+ days deadlines: Given this completion timeframe, you receive three separate installments of your order when 25%, 50%, and 75% of your chosen deadline expires. Likewise, you receive installments of 25%, 50%, and 75% (respectively) of your order at these times.

The cost of this service is entirely reasonable – +15% only.

* If you would prefer some other delivery method, our representatives will work with you to develop an individualistic plan to match your preferences and needs. The manager assigned to you will talk you through the various options with a view to finding a mutually suitable way of getting your paper to you.  

Additional Services for Orders less than 20 Pages 


If desired, you may request your paper in 1-page summary form from This concise summary will include all the main ideas and/or points to enable you to see the overall content quickly. This service is highly recommended if you are required to provide your tutor with periodic updates/reports.

Do You Need a One-Page Draft of an Essay or Paper?

If you feel a 1-page draft would be useful, just ask the team at For instance, our representatives can send you drafts of 600 words (single-spacing) or 300 words (double-spacing) once we approach 50% (or half) of your selected deadline. For example, if you allow a timeframe of 4 days for completing an order, we can send you a draft when 2 days of that timeframe has passed.

Do You Want more Time to Review and Request Revisions?

As standard practice, everyone who uses the services provided by is offered free revisions. However, requests must be sent to us within 48 hours of an order being delivered. But, in the event you would like to have this window extended to a more flexible 14 days, kindly choose our “extended revision” service.

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