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Checks and Balances System of Government




In the United States, the principle of separation of powers is constitutional. The Constitution restricts each of three branches of state power, providing for a system of checks and balances between them. This principle is realized due to various sources of the formation of branches of power and a system of overlapping powers. For example, the president may recommend certain laws and veto laws enacted by Congress, as well as appoint officials in the federal judicial system. The Supreme Court may recognize the laws adopted by the Congress, as well as the decisions of the president, as contradicting the constitution; in turn, the Congress may not approve appointments to the executive bodies of power, reject international treaties, overcome the president’s veto, and impeach the president and members of the Supreme Court.

Easy Creative Essay Writing




To become an excellent creative essay writer is not an easy task. One must possess a certain set of skills in order to come up with an engaging plot and intriguing conclusion. Your task here is to think behind the ordinary boundaries and forget about academic writing (not completely, of course). If you want to become a professional creative essay writer, you need to remember a few important rules.

What Is A Creative Essay?

Unlike academic writing, a creative essay has more in common with fiction texts. Here, you must involve an engaging plot, character development, appropriate setting, use various tones to specify emotions, and of course, you must not forget about literary tropes. Another significant detail is that a creative essay must entertain people, as well as bring an important moral conclusion using the mentioned devices.

Biography of David Barksdale




1947 was the year when David Barksdale drew his first breath. It happened in his hometown – Sallis, Mississippi State. As it is known, the full name given to the newborn by his parents was Donise David Barksdale. A multi-child couple, Virginia and Charley, gave birth to thirteen offspring, so it was difficult to provide material well-being for all of them. Therefore, the family led a quite poor life.

At the time David achieved the age of ten, his parents decided to change the place of living, and start a new life in Chicago. In three years, the young boy got a hold of the street gang and headed it.
Nevertheless there existed some more of such groups, they were not that numerous and supposedly non-dangerous. They committed crimes, but couldn’t have a strong effect and manipulate the local community. The David’s solution was to organize a large gang out of the smaller ones.

Narrative Essay Tips and Tricks




There are different types of essays at universities. It depends a lot on which class and subject you are attending. However, one of the most popular written assignments is a narrative essay. Although it is trendy and well-known for many years already, plenty of students, especially, newcomers, still face a lot of difficulties to write this type of essay correctly.


We should realize that a narrative essay is a piece of text written by some author on a particular topic. It means that you are free to choose the length, thematic, style, vocabulary, etc. by yourself. Usually, each narrative essay describes the author’s experience and consists of five paragraphs.

Tips on Writing a Song Analysis Essay




Writing a Song Analysis Essay

Many people would probably never think that a song may not be easy to analyze. On the contrary, it may be quite difficult to make a perfect analysis of a song. The problem is that many people consider that a song is believed to be music, while it ought to be poetry. Frankly speaking, music can be called an additional layer of meaning to that particular song since it has figurative language and many literary devices. However, it is not recommended to pay attention only to the lyrics when trying to write a successful essay regarding a song. To tell you the truth, the melody that is present in a song just modifies the meaning that is supposed to be played simultaneously with the words. Nevertheless, a song should be good at delivering a message; therefore, good language is also inevitable. Here you can take advantage of a few useful steps that should be taken so that you are guided when you are trying to create a flawless song analysis essay.

Microeconomics Paper




Microeconomics Paper

To write a good paper, a person needs a great topic to start with. Finding a proper question is a basic step to take for the whole writing process to be effective. A good topic is the one, in which a writer has solid knowledge, and that can be potentially interesting for the target audience. Relevant and credible research in the area of concern is a vital element of a good paper. Time spent on preliminary research and selection of a topic is a valuable investment into the future of the paper.

To start with, the area of microeconomics covers economic science that relies on a robust background of scientific research. The latter has crafted methods aimed to help economists in predicting economic tendencies via understanding and knowledge of the market mechanics and potential response to purchasing decisions of particular individuals. It is important that this is only a predictive model, and actual results may differ.

Black Lives Matter




Black Lives Matter

“Black lives matter” is the battle cry of a new movement against racist violence by the police, it is remarkable in its simplicity. However, the fact that the message of this slogan needs to be defended strikes more than its ability to express so much in several words. The movement succeeded in things that are extremely rare in our time; it does not get under the control of the ruling establishment. Neither the police repression nor the party of Democrats could stop it. The movement shamed the politicians and the media, accustomed to using the same scenarios when discussing race and protest for no reason.

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