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“East is East”

Ayub Khan-Din’s Play “East is East” in the Frames of Marxist Literary Criticism According to the Marxist theory on the literary criticism, each piece of literature is a reflection of a specific stage of historical development. Literature is a product of ideology and refers to specific social class. It should involve social or political tendency […]

“Living Philosophy”: The Case for Optimal Pollution

In the article The Case for Optimal Pollution, Baxter’s concept focuses on the anthropocentrism. His key idea lies in the fact that the people are the humanists; that is why they have the moral duty to support and advance everything that is good for the humanity. Having the anthropocentric views, Baxter believes that the human […]

Born As a Psychopath or Diseased

The article “The Childhood Psychopath: Bad Seed or Bad Parents?” by Katherine Ramsland asserts that psychopaths are different from other people and have high tendencies of becoming criminals (Ramsland). In addition, the author is convinced that only a limited number of children are born with antisocial tendencies. Some of the characteristics that define psychopaths include […]

Case Study Analysis

The Walt Disney is one of the world’s leading companies in the entertaining industry. The corporation has planned to build a large American history theme park. They wanted to place Disney’s America Park near the place of the first big conflict of the civil war, known as the First Battle of Bull Run. The purpose […]

Detecting Suicide from Facial Expressions

Different studies have been conducted to analyze facial expressions. For example, research indicates that gay men can be identified by their faces alone. The current research tells us that it is possible to identify a suicidal person by looking at the photos of their face. Suicide is a serious problem throughout the world, and a […]

Factors Influencing Juvenile Crime

Research question: Do after school programs reduce juvenile crimes? After-school programs cover all the programs that invite young people to participate in these ventures outside the traditional schooling day. Some projects of this type are organized by the schools, while others are prepared by both profit and non-profit organizations. The study will analyze the programs […]

Handel’s “Messiah”

To begin with, I should say that it was not difficult for me to choose the religious art work for that essay. I am keen on symphonic music, so on February 28, 2014 I was lucky to attend the Memphis Symphony Orchestra performance of Handel’s “Messiah” with the Rhodes MasterSingers Chorale at Evergreen Church, Memphis. […]

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