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Company Strategic Plan

Introduction LimeTab Inc. is a subsidiary of ABC Company. LimeTab Inc. manufactures and distributes pharmaceutical products in different countries across the globe. At LimeTab Incorporated, we subscribe to meeting consumer desires while at the same time shielding the environment. To achieve company’s goals and objectives, we are continuously allocating funds for market research in order […]

Costco Strategy

I. Description of the Company Costco Wholesale Corporation, famous as Costco, refers to an American multinational retailer operating in the warehouse club industry. The corporation was established in 1976 as Price Club before it opened its first warehouse in Seattle, Washington, in 1983, where it has its headquarters. The proprietors, James Sinegal and Jeffrey Brotman, […]

Government Involvement in Agriculture

Question 1 Governments assure sufficient food supply at a reasonable cost (Phillips, 2015). The governments, through the Ministry of Agriculture, instruct agricultural producers about various fundamental reports on the fluctuation of demands for agricultural commodities in the regional and global framework. It informs them on the long-term behaviors of prices of the basic horticultural products. […]

How to Use Social Media for Marketing

Nowadays, using social media for marketing gives great opportunities for small businesses. It is a perfect way to attract customers as searching the Internet is a common leisure activity for people around the world. Everything that is necessary for grasping customers’ interest is a well-prepared social media marketing plan. If the strategies and approaches were […]

Play For Profit

Introduction Play for profit involves carrying out an activity without setting time limits, allocating goals to achieve or rules to follow. In the morning, Worlds of Play held a meeting in Seattle. The aim of the meeting was to discuss ways of improving the profit margins of the company as it has been experiencing constant […]

The Magazine Cover Gifts War

The magazine industry has become unique because of using gifts to attract customers and increase readership. The advent of providing gifts to customers seemed an effective way of gaining competitive edge. However, the cost of the gifts has weighed down heavily on magazines. They feel the gifts are no longer necessary, but cannot eliminate them […]

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