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American History

Every political epoch has its unique influence on the destiny of a state. It may be either positive or completely negative but it is there to stay. The Jeffersonian and Jacksonian eras in the history of the USA significantly differed due to the political and socio-economic issues facing the nation at that time. These political […]

Barack Obama ‘Presidential Election-Night Speech’ and John Kennedy ‘Inaugural Address’

The speech by John F. Kennedy after his election in 1960 is an outstanding example of a brilliant inaugural address. This genre of political discourse unites the audience in terms of a single nation and lists the traditional values. Thus, the orator should outline the connections between the past and the future and praise the […]

The Development of Democracy and Media

Table of Contents Discussion Conclusion Related Free Comparison Essays There has always been a link between the development of democracy and media. Democratic countries normally provide more opportunities for sharing information about political processes, office-holders and politicians. Authoritarian and emerging democracies have established censorship strategies to control the information flow through media. However, Internet accelerated […]

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