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Health essay samples

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Children’s Health

The Impact of Infant Mortality on the Assessment of a Community’s Health The infant mortality rate is a clear indicator of the health status of the population. Apart from the health of the population, the infant mortality rate depicts a lot more about the community’s status. The sectors that affect the infant mortality rate include […]

Myasthenia Gravis and Physical Therapy

Myasthenia Gravis According to medical research studies, Myasthenia Gravis is an autoimmune disease that develops when an individual’s immune system makes certain antibodies that affect its tissues. The antibodies produced by the body destroy or block muscle receptors that are fundamental in communication between the nerve-to-muscle and muscle contraction. The receptors are often referred to […]

Public Health and Healthcare

The healthcare agency selected in this paper is the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC is the leading public healthcare agency that is run under the supervision of the United States government and has its headquarters in Georgia, near Atlanta city. The major focus of this agency is on the prevention of […]

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