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Forts of Al-Ain and Oasis Buraimi

For many years, the Al-Ain – Buraimi region was called the Buraimi Oasis. The Buraimi Oasis did not refer only to the palm groves in Buraimi, it was the name of great Al-Ain – Buraimi territory. Thus, it was the whole geographical area, and not a certain palm plantation. Over the past decades of rapid […]

Russian History between 1801 and 1861: Alexander I and Nicholas I

The Russian history of the nineteenth century is a complicated phenomenon that embraces a variety of political, economic, social and cultural factors that determined domestic and foreign policies. This paper is aimed to examine crucial characteristics and transformation of Russian society during the reigns of Alexander I and Nicholas I, as well as to make […]

The Somali Civil Conflict

Table of Contents The Beginning of the Somali Conflict Type of Conflict Resolving the Conflict Related Free History Essays The Somali conflict has been continuing since 1991(BBC News) where the then president was overthrown. This paper mainly focuses on this conflict by analyzing its cause, effects, and appropriate conflict management that has been utilized. The […]

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