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E-Government in the United States

The E-government in USA is the government computer systems that are designed to interact with the population of the country (U.S. citizens, as well as foreigners such as tourists) and entities outside the government. Such entities may include business organizations, non-governmental organizations, regional and municipal authorities, etc. The beginning of e-government in the United States […]

Elderly Persons Victimization

Elderly persons in the U.S. are approximately 45 million in number, representing 13.6% of the population. The projected rapid increase in this baby boom generation number is fraught with numerous societal challenges that include victimization. Victimization is analogous to abuse that can be physical abuse, neglect, and hybrid financial exploitation among others. The elderly persons […]

Le Carre’ and Ian Fleming

Introduction Ian Fleming and John le Carre’ were successful writers who lived during a period when the world was going through unrest and politically motivated wars. They both worked in the intelligence services in the United Kingdom and had great knowledge pertaining to intelligence services and methods. The experience, in addition to political unrest, inspired […]

My Belief

Dedication, devotion, and persistence help to achieve a certain desire, goal, or objective; these qualities are what primarily comprise diligence. Undergoing such efforts might at times prove to be a very painful and bitter situation to experience. However, through diligence, significant results may be achieved and remain impressive in the long run. Having diligence does […]

Perpetual Organization and the Judgment of Brightness

When viewed against a dark background, a gray patch appears brighter, and it appears darker when viewed against a background that is bright. Simultaneous contrast is the name of this effect. It is one of the many effects of brightness that are commonly ascribed to visual processes that are simple such as the lateral inhabitation […]

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