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Nursing essay samples

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Aesthetic Knowledge Development

Table of Contents Aesthetics, Art, and Aesthetic Validity Concepts Conceptual Dimensions of “the Art of Nursing” in Relation to Various Definitions and Perspectives The Processes of Envisioning and Rehearsing Using Narrative The Processes of Envisioning and Rehearsing Using Movement Narrative and Story for Artistic Quality Role of Connoisseur-Critic in Developing Aesthetic Knowledge Essential Elements of […]

Application of Concept Analysis to Clinical Practice

Table of Contents Introduction Method of Analysis Steps and the Results Identifying the Concept and Its Associated Terms Selecting the Right Setting for Data Collection Identifying the Attributes and Contexts of the Concept The Characteristics of the Concept Identifying the Concept’s Exemplar Identifying the Hypotheses and Implications for Developing the Concept Application of the Concept […]

Concept Analysis: Self-Care

Table of Contents Introduction Definition of Selected Nursing Concept Literature Review Defining Attributes Antecedent and Consequence Empirical Referents Model Case Alternative Cases Border Line Case Contrary Case Conclusion Related Free Nursing Essays Introduction Concept analysis is an integral element in the realm of nursing theory development. It enhances an interdisciplinary conceptual understanding of the theoretical […]

Culture in Nursing Practice

Philotimo is a very important part of an individual within a specific culture, which influences person’s actions and choices. However, just as it leads to positive acts, it can also create problems, which need to be solved with the help of the professional. The belief of the importance of philotimo, love of honor, influenced Mr. […]

Role and Setting

Table of Contents Distinguishing the Role and How It Promotes Patient Safety Conclusion Related Free Nursing Essays Vance, Eagerton, Harnish, McKie-Bell, and Fazeli (2011) define advanced nursing role as the aspect associated with advancing in skills, know-how, and functions of a nurse beyond the traditional professional boundaries. The functions often include generic ones, or those […]

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