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Effects of Gender Disparities in Access and Outcomes in Education in Europe

Overview of the Topic There are two genders within the society since people are either male or female. In this respect, behavior can either be innate or learned. How people of different gender behave hugely depends on stereotypes and perceptions. Sex differences create stereotypes regarding what a man or woman is. Therefore, there exist many […]

How Social Media has Transformed the Way We Live and Do Business

In the recent past, there has been increased utilization of social media in almost all aspects of life. Social media include networking segments such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram among others. Consequently, the daily life has been reshaped. There is a wide gap between the present and past generation. Currently, communication between people separated by […]

Miracles are Merely Coincidences

Introduction Despite being recurrent and unusual, random experiences are merely expressions of chance factors that are not necessarily divine. Random events happen purely because of chance; they have neither meaning nor a reason for occurring. They are connected to the natural law. When people look down upon this law, they tend to think superstitiously and […]

Who are the Uninsured?

In 2012, about 47 million people who are under 65 years old had problems with health or did not have at all health insurance. The majority of these individuals had legal work, but they could not receive an access to the employer-sponsored coverage. As a rule, the big part of the uninsured population has low […]

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