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Society essay samples

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Arab Socialist Regimes

Global historical events have taken place in the Arab world. It witnessed revolutions that started in the Arab nation of Tunisia and went to Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria, and Bahrain. These revolutions have posed critical challenges to global capitalism and the United States imperialism. Upheavals in the Arab countries that have seen changes in socialist […]

Culture and Policy Development

Significance of Culturally Appropriate Health Policies The population of the United States consists of people from various cultures. Therefore, it is crucial for the healthcare practitioners to demonstrate cultural competence. The practice not only provides the facility with reputation benefits, but also improves public health (Campbell, 2011). Currently, the US is battling antibiotic-resistant bacteria challenges […]

Decision Making Process

Question 1 Statistical facts say that every day 40 decisions of each person can become fatal to others or to himself (Wei, Heckman, Crowston & Li, n.d.). At first glance, the decision about the salvation of the majority of children is precisely right. The life of one child seems a smaller loss than a few […]

Overpopulation as Social Problem

At the present day, many countries face deterioration in the social sphere as a result of quick population growth. The importance and significance of the demographic problem are recognized by all states. Population growth cannot be infinite. Stabilization of the population is one of the important conditions for the transition to sustainable ecological, economic, and […]

Poverty in America

Despite the intensive development of science and technology, many people around the globe are considered to be poor. The lack of food, drinking water, and poverty remain unsolved global problems that are rooted in unequal income distribution: there are both extremely poor and extremely rich people. The United States of America is a country with […]

School Safety

Intake of drugs by the underage is among the major challenges that many families have to deal with worldwide. The use of drug and alcohol by teenagers is a subject that the youths aged 12-20 learn from movies, internet, family members, and friends. They think that it is a good thing and a symbol of […]

Women, Politics, and Modernity

In the modern society, women occupy more leadership positions as compared to the past years, when they were regarded less capable or knowledgeable in leadership. In Latin America, the representation of women in politics is low. The main reason is not their poor performance, but the fact that most of them do not vie for […]

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