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How Social Media has Transformed the Way We Live and Do Business

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Free «How Social Media has Transformed the Way We Live and Do Business» Essay Sample

In the recent past, there has been increased utilization of social media in almost all aspects of life. Social media include networking segments such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram among others. Consequently, the daily life has been reshaped. There is a wide gap between the present and past generation. Currently, communication between people separated by distance is easy. Moreover, people of diverse cultures can interact easily as well. However, the networks have also affected mankind negatively. The following paper discusses how social media has transformed the way humans live and do business.

Transformation of Our Lives

Social media had affected people’s lives in numerous ways, both positive and negative ones. First and foremost, it has enhanced relationship and interaction between people. For example, in the past, it took a number of days or hours before people could get in touch with each other. However, currently, one can drop a greeting message to a friend via Facebook and get an instant reply. Moreover, they can chat in live mode easily. Keeping of relationship has greatly increased harmonious existence in the society (Domine, 2009). Moreover, families that have been separated by work and distance can still keep intact. There are parents who also run their families through these systems. Nevertheless, it is apparent that face-to-face interaction is hindered by modern technologies. Needless to say, it is very instrumental in the long-term nurturing of friendship.

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The dating process has greatly evolved. Initially, a couple that was dating used to spend a lot of money and time to ensure their relationship progressed. Nowadays, social media provide a perfect forum for couples that are dating. In essence, people from different walks of life also associate through these networks. In fact, the world has become a small village. A person in Africa can know the events happening in the U.S through social media. Consequently, people are always informed of the diverse occurrences worldwide.

On the other hand, social media have transformed people’s lives in a negative way. One major impact is that they have influenced education among students. It is essential to acknowledge that the use of these media is addictive (Domine, 2009). In other words, the youth can spend up to sixteen hours chatting via Twitter. Consequently, they do not pay enough attention to their academics. In fact, many parents have expressed concern that their children spend limited time doing school assignment. As a result, their performance has decreased tremendously. While one would expect the various social forums to be an opportunity for exchange of ideas, students utilize it for other discussions rather than education.

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These means of communication have also eroded the cultural perspective of many communities. For example, most communities have a conservative view over issues such as abortion, gayism and the emergence of test-tube babies. However, daily debates take place in the media concerning these subjects. Most people have progressively embraced these ideologies. Moreover, there is intense exchange of fashion and trends. For instance, Africans learn about the latest trends from the western countries. They even get to know some of the newest technologies that are in the market. While their own culture may not support these values, most citizens, especially the youth, have gone ahead to utilize what they find on the Web. Consequently, the gap between the old and the young has widened.

Social media have also allowed people to watch pornographic materials and learn illegal behavior without trouble. It is because in such forums, there is freedom for an individual to air out his or her views. These materials have been detrimental in upholding moral values. For example, premarital sex occurrences have increased among the youth. Moreover, people have gained a negative perspective concerning marriage; there are those who are of an opinion that as long as one can have sexual encounters, then there is no need to enter the institution of marriage.

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Social Media Transformation on Businesses

Social media had immensely transformed how people run business in the world today. First and foremost, they have facilitated e-commerce. Online trade refers to a process where goods and services are provided through the Internet. In other words, the transactions are done online, but the goods are delivered physically. For example, people who have a certain product bring it up on their website. The public view it and note its selling price. Those who wish to buy it send their money online. E-commerce is the fastest growing mode of business (Schivinski & Dabrowski, 2014). It is highly preferred due to the huge market it creates. For instance, a product in the United States can be viewed by a potential client in Africa or Asia. The wide market increases the profitability of most products. Many international companies attribute their success to the online market.

The networks have also provided a platform for product promotion. Most companies promote their goods through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. For example, when one has a book he wants to sell or a company has a product to offer, they simply upload information about it on Facebook and tag the price. Many people in the world learn about items though social media. These websites provide an opportunity for businesses to attract the attention of customers while, at the same time, building their brand image. Brand profiles on social networks and creative advert via applications are the pillars to the success of most business.

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Social media provide opportunities for sole proprietors and companies to connect with their customers. When an item for consumption has an immense presence in the network, it gives the personality behind the brand a chance to engage potential customers and further offer valuable explanation concerning the products (Schivinski & Dabrowski, 2014). Moreover, companies are able to answer the questions raised by the customers immediately. Social media also act as an opportunity for the entrepreneurs to collaborate. People who have similar vision and mission can come together and share ideas concerning the achievements and challenges they are facing in the market. One also attains much knowledge concerning the long-term goal of the business. Moreover, people remain relevant in the job though these platforms.

On the other hand, social media have affected the legitimacy of most products. It is because there are numerous counterfeits that are advertised through these media. Consequently, people fall prey to such clienteles. In other words, it has become hard to distinguish between real and illegitimate goods (Beers & Burrows, 2010). Moreover, people have engaged in tarnishing wars. For instance, there are certain websites that seek to ensure the downfall of others. They post information that negatively affects the other parties. Negative competition has, therefore, made particular companies leave the business world. Needless to say, the scope of coverage in e-commerce is wide.

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Social media have tremendously affected how people live and do commerce. Currently, people can communicate on a timely basis. Moreover, the stability of relationships is enhanced. On the contrary, social networks have diversified people’s view on various issues. The cultural values of most communities are slowly getting eroded. In the business world, social media are responsible for the fast growth rate of most companies. It is, therefore, apparent that these networks have been instrumental globally.

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