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Learn How to Write an Article Critique – Handy Guide with Useful Tips

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Article critique writing is aimed to analyze a particular article. It is not true that such papers always criticize articles negatively. For a person to write a qualified article critique, he or she requires a deep knowledge of the discussed topic. The process of writing an article critique usually requires broad subject knowledge, research skills, and analysis. A student who has plenty of academic work to accomplish must dedicate a lot of his or her precious time in order to learn how to write an article critique paper and present it to the professors.

Sometimes, writing an article critique on your own becomes quite challenging. A brilliant team of professionals from knows everything about how to write a critique paper excellently. Using our professional article critique writing services, you will be able to get a properly created critique within the shortest time frame.

What Is an Article Critique?

Journal article critiques are a specific type of essay-like academic assignments. It requires students to assess and determine the article’s weak and strong sides. Just like its name suggests, this type of assignment stimulates the students to critically analyze the text they are reading. Students are also expected to evaluate the applicability of the material they analyze in practice.

It can be a little tricky. You must read the article, consider the ideas presented, and comprehend the author’s viewpoint. Moreover, you are expected to provide an explanation of the text while maintaining objectivity. You should express your thoughts on the covered topic in both a constructive and critical manner.

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Types of Critical Essays

The chosen piece or idea might be critiqued in a number of different ways. You can choose the one you feel most at ease with. Here are some types of critical analysis for you:



Evaluative critical essays

Such essays offer a judgment of the work’s worth. Was it all you anticipated it to be based on the reviews, or do you think your time would have been better spent elsewhere?

Descriptive critical essays

They usually examine papers or other written works. They frequently compare and contrast the object of your analysis to a well-known work within the genre to which it belongs, with a major focus on specific aspects of a work.

Interpretive critical essays

In such an essay, you offer your audience solutions that have to do with the significance of the work/article in the issue. To do this, you must choose a technique for figuring out the meaning, read, watch, or otherwise observe the subject of your analysis using that technique, and then present an argument.

How to Analyze the Main Points of the Author

If you want to understand how to write an article critique, you should always keep in mind that it goes beyond a simple exposition of points of the author. You are expected to critically examine and analyze them. When critiquing research articles, you should think about such things as:

  1. The theoretical framework of the paper (Is it present at all? Does it look consistent?);
  2. The logicality of the author’s thoughts (Does the author build the arguments consistently? Are there any logical flaws you can indicate?);
  3. The impartiality of the ideas (Is the author’s presentation unbiased?);
  4. The intended audience (Who is the article designed for? Who does it target?);
  5. The purpose of the article (What motivated the author to write the article? Why did the author decide to write it?).

You must be impartial and avoid relying primarily on your feelings, intuition, or first perceptions when doing an analysis. Here are some crucial points you should consider when writing an article critique:

  • Determine whether the study’s goal is crucial to its branch of science.
  • Identify if the content comprises any duplicates.
  • Analyze how relevant the chosen methods are.
  • Find out if a sample is representative.
  • See if all the techniques and steps are described precisely in order for the reader to follow them and get the same results.
  • Think if there are any contradictions present in the author’s thoughts.

We hope that the information above has increased your understanding of how to critique an article. While analyzing the main points of the author and working with the source text, don’t forget about the importance of your article critique outline!

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The Structure of an Article Critique

An article review must be written in formal language and adhere to a consistent framework, just like other forms of academic writing. An introduction, some body paragraphs, and a conclusion should be included in your article critique. It will be useful for you to know some specificities of those elements if you want to learn how to write an article critique efficiently.

  • Introduction

It should be quite short and consistent and include the basic information, such as:

  • The name(s) of the author(s) and the article’s title;
  • The date of the article’s creation;
  • The primary concept or goal of the work;
  • The context in which the piece was produced (such as the social context or political one);
  • Other background information if necessary;
  • Terminology definitions;
  • A thesis statement that introduces your critique analysis.
  • Summary

An overview of a source’s content is provided in a summary. Always presume that anyone reading a critique essay may not be familiar with the piece being critiqued. That is why you should clearly state the major points and then show how the author has portrayed them in the work. You should also describe the style, methods, and techniques utilized in the article. Remember that this summary is not your main objective. It serves as a base for the next part of your paper.

  • Critique

This section should provide a methodical and in-depth analysis of the many components of the work, assessing how successfully the author accomplished the intended goal with each one. In this part, you should analyze the work and point out its advantages and disadvantages. In light of the assignment’s goal, you should look at the work and assess its effectiveness. Don’t forget to:

  • Talk about the article’s highlights and drawbacks based on what you learned by reading it critically.
  • Use specific examples from the article to substantiate your remarks on the article’s veracity, relevance, and clarity.
  • Additionally, you can present evidence from relevant sources.

You should divide your ideas into paragraphs. Prior to digging into the details of the technical elements, concentrate first on the overall impressions.

  • Conclusion

This is usually the shortest section of the article critique paper. When writing a conclusion, try to stay brief and:

  • Summarize the key points made in the essay;
  • Remind your audience about your key argument;
  • Finish by discussing the importance of the research or outlining the necessity for more in-depth studies in the area.
  • List of references

Don’t forget to mention all of the sources of citation in your article critique. Always keep a track of your references while working on your paper – it will show your professional approach and help you avoid any plagiarism. Use the citation style that your institution and professor require.

Similarly, if you are assigned to write a critique of any other work and unsure, for example, how to critique an essay, just follow the steps and guide above, as the mechanics of writing process is the same.

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How to Write an Article Critique

Are you wondering how to write an article critique by yourself? Well, there are a couple of things you should pay special attention to:

  • First of all, you should know the subject matter of the work being assessed inside and out. A deep understanding of the text requires being a thoughtful reader. You should be attentive and reflective and dedicate enough time to the reading process. This will allow you to comprehend each concept presented in the text.
  • Invest your time into making notes while you read! It will pay off later, you can be sure of it. It will allow you to preserve all the important data and keep the track of your creative thoughts. Moreover, it will help you quote some suitable parts while writing a critical review of a scientific article.
  • Before writing an article critique, you should make a clear outline of your future text. It will help you to present your thoughts consistently and keep a clear structure. Your notes will serve you well at this point.
  • Now it’s time to express your honest and argumentative opinion and write a critical analysis of the article you’ve thoughtfully read. Think about how the piece fits into a bigger framework or topic.

You can find some article critique examples on the internet to see other people’s approaches on how to write an article critique. Still, using an article critique writing service might be much more effective and convenient.

The Checklist for Writing an Article Critique

Are you worried about how to write a critique paper without forgetting anything important? Here is a handy checklist to help you!

Make sure to:

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How to Buy an Article Critique

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Ordering an Article Critique Is Easy

We provide customer-friendly service, and we did our best to make sure that the ordering process is safe and easy. The ordering process for critique articles requires just 3 simple steps.

  1. As a first step, you should fill in the online order form. The process is easy and fast. It will provide us with all the necessary details of your order, and you’ll get an excellent paper that meets all of your requirements as a result.
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We also offer discounts to our regular clients. Other article critique services like proofreading and editing can be used through our Essay-Professors writing service. Using those services allows eliminating any stylistic or grammatical errors in the papers you wrote yourself. Our flexible payment methods and professional custom writing services offer all our customers a chance to get assistance with writing a high-quality article critique. Since we are an international company, our writers can be found all over the world. That is why; we are able to serve all of our clients as best as possible. Therefore, it is easy for a student to reach our article critique writing services from any part of the world at any time.

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