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Money-Back Guarantee

Each customer ordering papers at is granted an opportunity to ask for revision. If something is omitted in the completed assignment or some paper writing requirements are not fully met, ask the writer to revise it. All you need to do is to clearly state what has to be amended supporting your claims with solid evidence. In this case, it will be much easier for the writer to improve the paper. Consequently, you will get exactly what you need. However, do not forget that your revision application should be made within 2 days after the assignment has been completed. The period for revising complicated orders that are comprised of 20 or more pages is 30 days after the deadline expiry. Please bear in mind that original order directions should not be changed.

Refund has a money-back guarantee which ensures that you will be given a refund provided that your paper has not been written in accordance with the given guidelines. Note that you have an opportunity to ask for a refund within 14 days after the order has been done. Keep in mind that it is required to explain your decision about asking a refund. Our refund agent will investigate the case and decide whether the claim is justified or not. If it is justified, you will get your money back. Nevertheless, the number of cases where the customers apply for a refund is really low since we do our best to provide each student who refers to us with the best online writing service.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Any paper ordered at is written according to the instructions provided by the customer. Every smallest detail is taken into account during the writing process. What is more, our works always meet all the academic standards. As a result, the client gets an essay that deserves the highest grade.

When you use our essay or research paper writing services, you can receive drafts in order to make sure that the assignment follows the requirements given by you. This is a good way of monitoring the process of preparing an essay. Please mind that sending drafts is a paid option. You can request any amendments to be made in your work (check our “Terms and Conditions” to get more information about our revision policy). The writer will eagerly improve the paper to ensure your total satisfaction.

Authenticity Guarantee

Every paper ordered at is completely custom written. None of our experts resorts to rewriting of previously done works since such a practice is considered as cheating. As a result, you can rest assured that you will get 100% unique essay when you place an order on our website. Our essays professors put a lot of effort into preparing authentic papers since they believe that they will definitely help a student improve his/her academic standing.

Originality Guarantee

Our writers produce every custom paper from scratch. They adhere to the no plagiarism rule, according to which the usage of plagiarized material is forbidden. The writers cannot present someone else’s ideas as their own, no matter what. Therefore, they generate their own ideas based on the analyzed materials in order to come up with completely plagiarism-free academic work. Remember that our professionals do not apply a copy-paste method. Moreover, we check each produced paper for plagiarism by using our effective plagiarism detection tools.  You will get 100% original piece of writing if you decide to buy it at In case you need proofs of the originality of your order, you are entitled to ask for a plagiarism report. It will be sent to you together with your project.

Pricing Guarantee

We perfectly understand that students cannot spend all the money they have on a custom essay. That is why our pricing policy is very customer-friendly and allows every learner to use our custom writing service whenever they need it. We do not have the highest prices in the industry. Since we aim to continue assisting students with preparing custom papers, we are not oriented towards making profits fast. At the same time, our prices are not the lowest ones for the simple reason that it is impossible to prepare a top quality essay getting nothing for it. Therefore, we assure you that you will get a professionally written paper at a reasonable price.

Quality Guarantee

Our top priority is to deliver essays of excellent quality done according to the requirements given by you as well as academic standards. We comprehend that a student’s grade greatly depends on the quality of written work. As a result, our essays professors go an extra mile to prepare an original piece of writing that is notable for its rich content, logical structure, and proper format. Rest assured that every writer who works on a custom paper strives for perfection. Thus, we will definitely satisfy you by providing an essay of the best quality possible.

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