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Each year, colleges and universities are snowed under with applications from students willing to follow their programs. To make an informed choice about whom to accept, many schools demand applicants to submit a written statement, which is often referred to as a personal statement, statement of purpose, or college application essay. Some schools provide their candidates with a specific question to answer, while others expect a personal narrative about an applicant. Given how much depends on the quality of this essay, many applicants look for professional personal statement help online.

Regardless of what a candidate should write, it is their only opportunity to sell their profile to a school. Colleges and universities are very scrupulous since they want only the most promising and apt students to get their education there. That is why, writing a personal statement, a potential student has to help an admission committee understand why they are the best fit. In the piece, it is necessary to demonstrate how their personal and/or professional experience led to their interest in the chosen field of study, as well as school. Yet, without remarkable writing skills, it is a very challenging task.

If you would like to get professional personal statement help online, is there for you. We provide personal statement writing service for many years now and can assist you too at reasonable rates. The writers of our company are well aware of the specifics of such papers and have lots of hands-on experience in creating them. They are ready to put their expertise, knowledge, and skills to work for the sake of your success.

What a Personal Statement Is

As briefly mentioned above, a personal statement is a piece of writing that an applicant has to create if they are willing to enroll in a particular academic program. Such a paper should have a brief description of an applicant, including their personality, skills, knowledge, and experience, and explain why they should be accepted by the institution. There are two basic types of personal statements:

  • A general personal statement. It is a piece of writing used for common applications. There are no specific rules as to how the content should be presented and formatted. It can be produced in any tone.
  • A response personal statement. It is a work that is focused on a particular question that is provided by a school. Usually, there are specific requirements, e.g., a limited word count, for such a statement.

Regardless of which personal statement writing you need to undertake, can assist you. Our qualified team knows how to deal with both, even if they are combined. We can present you in the best light and bring your strong points forward. For that to happen, just send us your write my personal statement request.

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What Personal Statements Should Cover

If you are writing a general personal statement, which is usually the case, you decide what will make up your paper on your own. Thus, before you start drafting, make a list of all the things that you think are relevant and important to include. However, be sure to cover the following aspects under any condition:

  • Your background. Discuss your previous academic and professional experiences, including internships, projects, leadership roles, related extra-curricular activities, etc. Do not merely list them but connect them to the program you are applying to and explain how they have prepared you for this moment.
  • Your motivation. Pay enough attention to the reasons why you are interested in this specific program. Explain why you believe the chosen college/university is the one that can help your ambitions to come true. Do preliminary research about classes, professors, and the institution to be very specific in your arguments.
  • Your aspirations. Make sure to address your plans and goals in the context of the education that you will get if you enroll. How will it help you reach your targets? Which opportunities does it offer you? It is important to highlight the direction in which you are heading as a professional.
  • Your uniqueness. Draw up a conclusion and show off your individuality. In other words, answer an essential question, “Why should we select you?” An application committee should notice your personality behind professionally presented facts. Help them see it.

How to Start a Personal Statement

Starting a personal statement effectively is not easy at all, but it is an absolute must. Imagine how many essays admission officers have to read through! But an engaging start with a hook is one of the key factors for your success. The stronger the beginning is, the more memorable the entire piece will be. Here are the points that you should keep in mind:

  • Avoid cliches. As mentioned, the opening paragraph should help grab a reader’s attention. It should stand out and not blend with all other applicants’ submissions. Try to be creative and find an unconventional way to present information.
  • Make it relevant. Creativity should not lead you astray. The ideas that you begin the paper with should be simple, clear, and relevant. Do not let yourself overthink the opening paragraph.
  • Refer to experiences. It is appropriate to start with a discussion of experiences that pushed you to apply for the chosen program. You may tell a story connected to the degree or describe the moment of realization that it is the perfect option for you.
  • Part-Present-Future. There is another approach to opening, which is to show your interest throughout life. In this case, you should touch upon past events, current actions, and aspirations for the future.
  • Do not get stuck. Writing the opening paragraph is the most complicated aspect of personal statement writing. If you face issues with it, leave it till later and try working on it at the very end. Alternatively, get personal statement help online from

What Are the Features of a Great Personal Statement?

A personal statement is a rather short piece of writing, and it rarely exceeds one single-spaced page. It means that writing should be very effective to make an admission officer notice your application. But what are the characteristics of an effective personal statement? Here they are:

If you find it tough to create a personal statement that meets all these criteria on your own, you can hire a personal statement writer from Our experts have written hundreds of successful application essays and can help you too. The statement is bound to be effective and persuasive enough to make it stand out and make your way to the desired result easier.

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Tips on How to Write a Personal Statement

Here are some tips that might prove helpful when working on a personal statement and make the process simpler for you:

  • Study guidelines carefully. Ensure you follow the instructions and do not exceed the specified number of words. Since the admission board is usually very selective, you would not want to get discarded only because of a technical mistake.
  • Prepare before writing. Do not dive into writing right away as you will get discouraged pretty fast. Think of what you want to mention, make an outline, jot down relevant examples, study the school’s website, etc. In this way, it will be easier for you to detect the points which you would like to build your paper around.
  • Keep it simple and relevant. Do not try to seem sophisticated by using complicated words and long sentences. Do not include unnecessary details either. Empty and high-sounding words will damage your application.
  • Be natural and positive. Use your own tone to write the paper. It will show your personality and make your writing unique. At the same time, show enthusiasm about the opportunity.
  • Use active voice. It is your personal statement, so use active words to discuss your skills and qualifications. Active verbs will make your piece of writing more interesting and pleasant to follow.
  • Tell a story. A story is the only appropriate way to somewhat entertain an admission officer. However, the story should be strongly connected to the selected degree or school. It should be specific too.

Considering this information, many applicants start hesitating about being able to prepare a solid personal statement on their own. If you also worry about the outcome, feel free to send us your write my personal statement request. You can be sure that we will do a really good job for you. Read the reviews provided by our users, and you will see that our experts are qualified to write a paper that presents you.

Why Should I Pay Someone to Write My Personal Statement?

Writing a personal statement, an author should remember that the paper should stand out. It seems to be a well-known fact. Yet, many applicants choose to search for examples of personal statements online and copy them. It is a very poor decision as the piece immediately losses its uniqueness, contains lots of cliches, and will be considered plagiarized. And what if some other applicant finds the same example and submits it too? The chances to get in are ruined.

If you are having hard time coming up with a good personal statement on your own, take advantage of a personal statement writing service from Our expert will create a custom and unique personal statement for you. It will follow the requirements of your college or university, general writing standards, and your personal preferences. Getting help from professionals is a smart choice to impress an admission board.

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Types of Personal Statements You Can Buy Here

The writing team of has been helping students with their personal statements for years now. We have real pros as our writers, and they can create unique statements of very different types. Here are some of the most common personal statement types that we deal with and can provide you with:

Type of Paper Description
Personal Statement for College A college admission board should clearly see why an applicant has chosen this institution when there are plenty more fish in the sea. Our writers help to create logical and consistent reasoning for that and tie it up with a client’s background.
Personal Statement for University This essay should be focused on qualifications and ambitions mostly. An assigned expert studies a customer’s experiences closely and finds an angle to reflect on them. It will not be just another version of a CV.
Personal Statement for Grad School For such a paper, a compelling narrative about the past, present, and future is important. We help our clients show what brought them to the decision to go to the chosen grad school and describe their motivation in the correct way.
Personal Statement for Ph.D. program Ph.D. programs are interested in an applicant’s research skills and readiness to deal with challenges. This degree does not come easy! Our team helps its customers to demonstrate this preparedness, academic achievements, and research interests.
Personal Statement for Nursing School In this case, the competitiveness is particularly high. So, our writers put a special emphasis on uniqueness. They know how to present qualifications and accomplishments effectively and address gaps if there are any. We work on a very strong impression.
Personal Statement for Residency By writing this personal statement, a candidate has to highlight their motivation to pursue a certain specialty.  We can assist a client to show how their previous actions led to such a decision and explain how they are an asset to the selected residency program.
Personal Statement for Fellowship Such a paper should concentrate on the desire to grow in a field of study. Also, it needs to present the previous effort aimed at the improvement of competencies in the chosen sphere. Our writers reach this effect based on the provided information.
Personal Statement for Scholarship A scholarship essay should evoke emotions in an admission officer. That is why the best approach here is to create a personal but professional story about the experiences and skills that a candidate has. Our creative expert can do that.
Personal Statement for a Job In this case, it is necessary to focus on two-way relationships: (1) what an applicant can bring to a company and (2) what this particular company could give to a potential employee apart from the salary. An expert can make such a paper specific and research-based.

Who Will Write My Personal Statement?

A personal statement is not a piece of writing that everyone can handle. It requires not only great writing skills and creativity but profound understanding of professional communication. The main task of a personal statement is to get the message across, and this message is “I am your perfect applicant.” The writers of can do it for you. If you hire our personal statement writer, you will get a person who is:

  1. Competent: They are holding either an MA or Ph.D. degree in your field and have much experience in working with personal statements specifically.
  2. Experienced: We are rather strict about the hiring process since we want only highly proficient specialists to work for us.
  3. Knowledgeable: Before accepting applicants into our team, we give them several tests to see whether they are qualified enough to work for us.
  4. Responsible: We supervise our writers’ work regularly to be sure they perform their duties diligently and keep only the best on our team.

How to Order a Personal Statement

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How to Buy a Personal Statement Online from Us

Take a look at the steps listed below to understand how to buy personal statement writing from us in just a few clicks:

  • Step 1. Start with the completion of the order form. Set the deadline and the needed length. If you want to receive the piece that meets your expectations, you need to give us detailed instructions. In case any extra materials are available, attach them.
  • Step 2. Complete a transaction to pay for the service. As soon as we get its confirmation, one of our experts will be assigned to create a piece of writing for you.
  • Step 3. Wait till your work is written. If you want to talk to your writer, ask questions concerning your assignment, or pass on some ideas to them, you can use our messaging system. If you want your paper to be proofread by a professional editor, you can order editing services too.
  • Step 4. We deliver papers on time under any condition. So, you can download your essay from your user-dedicated area right when the set deadline ends. Enjoy the results and share your feedback.

Why Choose Our Personal Statement Writing Service

The biggest benefit of our personal statement writing service is that we are capable to take information about you and present in a way that makes colleges and universities truly interested in your application. However, this is not it. If you cooperate with us, you can expect a smooth and seamless experience thanks to the following advantages:

  • Custom-made papers

Our clients receive personal statements produced from scratch. A writer working on your paper will include only fresh ideas and never use samples and templates. We will also make sure that the content is original with the help of an anti-plagiarism tool.

  • A variety of disciplines has a writing team that collectively specializes in around 70 disciplines. We will find an expert who majors in your field of study to create a personal statement for you. This person will know all the peculiarities of education that you pursue and help your reach your goal.

  • High-quality writing

Our team always adheres to the given guidelines and general standards for the chosen type of writing. You will receive a personal statement that considers and elaborates on your ideas, requests, and comments.

  • Moderate rates

Our pricing for personal statement help online is designed to let everyone purchase a remarkable paper from us. The page rates start at $12.99 and do not include any unnecessary extras or hidden fees. You pay only for those options that you choose in the order form.

  • Timely delivery

A customer sets us a deadline, and we always follow it. This is a fundamental rule in our company, and we do not break it thanks to fast turnabout and responsible writers. Neither do we extend the deadline unless our clients are willing to give us more time.

  • Complete confidentiality

At, customers benefit from total privacy and confidentiality. We neither ask for any sensitive information other than needed to complete the paper. Nor do we share it with third parties. Our payment methods are well-known and completely safe too.

  • 24/7 support team

We offer 24/7 support via phone, chat, and email. Our agents will answer your questions or concerns whenever they arise. We are always by your side when it comes to your personal statement.

  • A free revision

Once you receive your paper and the deadline is over, it does not mean that our cooperation is over. We are there for you for 48 more hours to revise the paper for free. Let us know what we should change to improve the content, and we will do it as long as the revision request does not contradict the initial instructions.

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Our Helpful VIP Services

When you get personal statement help online from, you can also take advantage of our useful VIP options. We have developed them based on the experience of working with a huge number of customers and are sure that can turn out to be very helpful for you. For instance, with these options, you can have your personal statement proofread by a pro editor or written by one of the TOP experts in our pool. You can extend the free revision period to 4 days and get VIP support. Our VIP services enable you to adapt our work to your specific needs, which always gives the best results possible. Have a closer look at these options in the order form and choose the ones that you find useful for you.

Get Personal Statement Help Online Now and Reach Your Goals

If you are searching for personal statement help online, is the writing company you should choose. We guarantee full confidentiality, excellent results, timely delivery, and unique writing. Our team is going to do its best to transform the information about your interests and background into a compelling personal statement. We are there to paint a beautiful picture of you and your ambitions to help you realize your dream.

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