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Category: Nursing

Aesthetic Knowledge Development

Aesthetics, Art, and Aesthetic Validity Concepts Aesthetics is an art of nursing that is based on experience and feelings (Mantzorou & Mastrogian...
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Application of Concept Analysis to Clinical Practice

Introduction Concept analysis is a strategy used to analyze and evaluate a given model or theory for synthesis and application within varied contexts...
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Concept Analysis: Self-Care

Introduction Concept analysis is an integral element in the realm of nursing theory development. It enhances an interdisciplinary conceptual understa...
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Role and Setting

Vance, Eagerton, Harnish, McKie-Bell, and Fazeli (2011) define advanced nursing role as the aspect associated with advancing in skills, know-how, and ...
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Culture in Nursing Practice

Philotimo is a very important part of an individual within a specific culture, which influences person’s actions and choices. However, just as it le...
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