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Dedication, devotion, and persistence help to achieve a certain desire, goal, or objective; these qualities are what primarily comprise diligence. Undergoing such efforts might at times prove to be a very painful and bitter situation to experience. However, through diligence, significant results may be achieved and remain impressive in the long run. Having diligence does not only enable one to attain his goals and objectives, but also is a reason to smile. That relates to painful and bitter situations that one undergoes in order to become successful. For students to acquire good results and long-term knowledge that will help them become successful later in their lives, they need to be devoted to their studies and work hard. On the same, a work force within a company can only achieve its goals whether in the long or short term only if it chooses to be persistent with hard work while championing for dedication, patience, and effortless devotion to what they do. A fit body that is not susceptible to lifestyle diseases such as cancer, heart attacks, and high blood pressure requires one to be diligently involved in regular and frequent physical exercises that are very crucial to reduce the likelihood of such diseases affecting one’s body.

Students who are willing to learn and exercise hard work in their studies have high chances to attain good grades. These students in turn have a bright future that will see them become successful people in the society such as doctors, engineers, architectures, nurses, and teachers just to mention but a few. Those people could not have achieved such reputable status in the society if they did not work hard in their studies to acquire the required good grades that would enable them to pursue such courses. They had to be disciplined. Indiscipline cases are not tolerated in schools and can lead to being expelled. That would cause one to shun his or her dreams when they cannot go on with the course they enrolled on in any learning institution. Therefore, they had to be persistent in maintaining discipline. Perseverance is just another element that defines success. They have to persevere long hours of studying with maximum devotion without lambasting all that they have came through in school for a long period of time. Particularly, they had also to be patient until they graduated in order to be crowned and certified as professionals in the course they were undertaking. On the contrary, those students who pay less attention to studies in schools score poor grades that might negatively affect them in the future. They can no longer qualify for lucrative jobs that are well paying since those jobs are meant for people with adequate knowledge in the field. As a result, they turn to simple jobs that do not require any qualification and are not well paying. That leads to miserable lives that are indeed problematic and not promoted by the society. It is therefore evident that a good career development is a product of total commitment and devotion that narrows down to a successful person in a community. Such a professional is looked upon by the members of the society to apply the attained knowledge to make the society a better place to live in. In order for one to become committed, he or she should be diligent.

Being diligent enables people working within a company or an organization to tackle and accomplish their work more effectively and efficiently and in a manner that is appealing to them as well as their clients and partners. Diligence at the place of work requires one to be cautious on matters such as time, safety of products, customer support, and relations with his or her co-workers. Employees should be devoted to report at the place of work within the stipulated time. They should also take care of the products while working on them. That is important in order to reduce losses that might happen as a result of poor product handling. It is also their primary duty to offer good customer support to clients in order to make sure that they are fully satisfied. A good rapport within the workforce should also be taken care of. That would ensure proper communication among the working staff in order to solve any possible problem that might be affecting the company. Employers on their part should diligently address the problems faced by their employees. Those can be issues regarding salary and better working conditions. With all that in place while maintaining utmost devotion, hard work and dedication, there is hindrance in achieving goals by an organization.  In a company where the workforce do not work hard, there are workers who are not dedicated to achieving goals in a certain time frame and who cannot sustain competition from other similar companies. In that likelihood, they never achieve an organization’s set goals and objectives. Without exception, any company that strives to do well should uphold care in the way it runs its affairs.

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Many people have acquired diseases that, from a doctor’s perception, can or could have been prevented through physical exercises. Such diseases are lifestyle diseases including hypertensions, diabetes, cancer, obesity, and high blood pressure just to mention but a few. Most of these people who acquire such diseases lack knowledge on the importance of physical exercises. Frequent participation in physical activities is believed to control weight. That in particular prevents excessive weight and helps in maintaining the correct measure of weight that is relevant to one’s body. The activity burns calories reducing the likelihood of gaining excessive weight that leads to obesity. Regular physical exercises have been known to combat health conditions and diseases. High blood pressure and cancer have been seen not to be acquired by individuals who involve themselves in intensive and frequent exercises. That can be attributed to the fact that being active ensures smooth and appropriate flow of blood reducing the risk of contracting cardiovascular diseases.

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