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Research of archeological sites is important for understanding the history of the nation. It helps one to reconstruct the lifestyle and the everyday routine of people from the past. Usually, such excavations assist scholars in organizing site museums or sharing their findings with the humanity. Furthermore, it helps one to penetrate into the atmosphere of the cultural and historical context. With this in mind, the excavation of one of the sites in the suburban area of San Francisco will reveal and clarify how Americans lived in the 21st century. Thus, even two centuries later, such sites can still enrich one’s understanding of the previous centuries.

Today, 5 May 2230, the group of archeologists received a permission to excavate the site in the suburbs of San Francisco. This area has developed a limited knowledge about the nature of past human activity in this region. According to the previous data, the site was a part of the central educational area in 2021. Nevertheless, the great tornado known as Wild Ambassador in 2025 damaged many parts of San Francisco severely. It ruined some buildings completely. The government allocated funds for the mitigation of the consequences of a tornado; nevertheless, the site was left without attention. There is no private property in the area and the site. Therefore, the research group received the permission with no difficulties. According to the previous data, there should be the remains of the old schools discovered at this site. The expected outcomes are acquiring more knowledge about the previous system of education. We expect to excavate the school infrastructure and discover how the classes looked like and what learning tools people used at that time. For that reason, this archeological field survey would be the primary tool for discovering information about a formerly uninvestigated area.

Today, archeologist group started digging and found the first four walls of the school. The approximate perimeter of the square is 26 feet in length and 19 feet in width. These walls imitate bricks, but their size is surprisingly small. Probably, this school favored the individual approach of studying with small learning groups. Inside, the walls reveal the signs of green paint. It means that this school followed the color theory of Marilyn Read, according to which, children favor cool colors over warm ones (Read & Upington, 2009). Archeologists intend to find the rest of the classrooms in the near future. The interesting thing is that the research group did not find the pieces of the vinyl sheet flooring as expected. Instead, it discovered the remnants of the ceramic tile of the simple design. The excavations of the first day uncovered the kitchen of the school. It had a range of kitchen equipment of the rather ancient design. It is understandable that there was no touch control at that time. Meanwhile, the research group of archeologists did not find the sockets to each device, as well. They are considering a version that the devices were connected to the centralized system of gas supply. If so, this school should have been one of the most expensive ones. Hence, it could be a private educational institution.

The second day of excavation resulted in the digging of an intriguing artifact. This object looks like a palm tree and is made of wood. Its height is approximately 6.2 feet. It is painted in brown color and has six upward hooks. The group of the archeologists assumes that it could serve as a tree in the classroom. Maybe the teacher used it as a teaching aid to explain the structure of the trees. It is easy to do it when one pins paper leaves to the hooks. Alternatively, teachers could explain the structure of the tree by hanging a piece of green cloth on it. At least, it is easy to check with the experimental archeology (Park, 2014). The archeologists found two more such subjects during the next two hours. It looks confusing because one tree is sufficient to help the students. The solution to this puzzle requires more additional research.

During the third day of excavation, the research group discovered three long blackboards, which was quite unexpected. It is a common knowledge that the blackboards lost their appeal in the American system of education in the 1980s. According to archive data, “In the 1980s, the whiteboard, or dry erase board, began to become common and by the mid-1990s 21% of American schools were using them” (Concordia Online Education, 2012). Thus, the white boards with the markers needed to write on them became the best alternative between two variants. The research group also found the set of colorful chalks. It is obvious that teachers of that school used the chalk to write on the blackboard.

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The research group found many metallic numbers made from the non-corrosive metal. They are flat and not large. The approximate height of these objects is 4.72 inches. The numbers are all painted in red and they range from one until 30. None of the archeologists managed to find the rest numbers. Maybe they are in another location. The research group also discovered 23 chairs made of wood. The chairs are rather high, so the archeologists assume that the audience of the chairs should be older than six to seven years old. The interesting thing is that the corresponding desks for students are not single, as was characteristic of the educational standards at that time. Instead, they are long and adjusted to a larger quantity of students. Probably, it means that at that period teachers preferred communal learning.

Next day, the research group found an unexpected artifact. The assistant archeologist discovered the signboard of the pizzeria “Pronto” under the pile of planks. It changed the perspective of the excavation completely. It appeared that what the research group excavated was not the school. It was a pizzeria, which was a part of the school infrastructure. It explained all the artifacts in a different way.

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