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Every academic paper is based on certain sources. It may be a simple reference list, works cited page or detailed description of every source used in the paper. In other words, it is an annotated bibliography. Annotated bibliography can be presented as a sources list with short writer’s description of them. Description varies in content; thus, the writer can choose whether analyze or assess the sources. Our essays professors will provide you with the information regarding annotated bibliographies writing:

  • Annotated Bibliography: Why and How to?
  • Types of Annotated Bibliographies
  • Annotated Bibliography Writing: Hints

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Why and How You Have to Write a Bibliography

Prior to refusing from bibliography writing, it is important to understand why it is considered an essential part of writing. There is no doubt that every student thinks that writing tasks make no sense and are given in order to deprive them of free time. However, bibliography writing may become a useful habit. Firstly, one can learn more information about his/her research topic. It is obvious that every academic writing begins from the topic research. Students have to read and make notes on useful information. However, when the main objective is to make a book summary and identify the major idea, the reading process has to be more focused; thus, a student gets a better comprehension of what he/she needs to do with the task.

Secondly, one has to remember that bibliography is a kind of response to the used sources. Such feedback is vital for people who plan to develop their research work; it helps them to recognize more helpful materials. It depends on the student whether his/her research work will be of interest to others and bibliography will be a useful addition to the investigation.

As soon as one learns how to write an annotated bibliography, he/she will see that thesis statement problem is solved. After summarizing a lot of sources, a student will have a clear notion of the work. Therefore, writing an annotated bibliography becomes one’s reply to author’s point of view on the topic. Then, a student will be able to compose clear thesis statement as he/she will know the opponents and supporters together with their arguments and positions.

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Types of Bibliography

There are a lot of types of bibliography. One can provide a summary of the sources used in the research paper. All you have to do is to provide brief information on the major book points. There is no need to provide unnecessary details.

Another type of bibliography is the source assessment. Such assessment may have both positive and negative influence; it depends on the viewpoint one forms after the book reading. It is important to provide personal viewpoint regarding the source reliability and its usefulness. One can also provide personal reaction on the way a particular source influenced his/her writing. It is also possible to mix assessment and summary. However, it depends on the instructions.

Hints on Writing a Bibliography’s writers will provide you with some hints that can help to write a proper bibliography to please your essay professors. First of all, you have to identify the major idea of the analyzed source. In order not to read all the books, you can run through introduction as well as conclusion. It will help you find the research question. When reading chapters, attention should be paid to the first paragraphs and introductory sentences. Usually, every writer provides his/her main ideas at the beginning.

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In order not to mess up with the formatting style, get to know which style is used in your college. It can be MLA, APA, Harvard, Turabian, etc. All these styles have its differences. However, they are not as difficult as it may seem at the first sight. Usually bibliography is arranged in the alphabetical order while annotation may be located a few lines below or follow the bibliographic information. The best hint when writing an annotated bibliography is to be focused and brief. It will help to provide the reader with only important information.

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