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At university level, essay writing is a reference to an in-depth portrayal of a specific topic, back by objective reasoning such as other literary works on the subject. Most essay professors will examine the students’ written essays for various elements – the level of research, how well and accurately the paper is formatted, how good the grammar is e.g. language usage, spelling, punctuation and so on, how relevant the content is in relation to the question (most important), and for plagiarism.

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The process of essay writing is not necessarily easy, especially if every requirement set out by the student’s essays professors are to be met:

  • Research of the Topic

The student may have the option to select their own topic to match their interests in a particular field if a topic has not been pre-assigned by their tutor. There is a better chance of your tutor liking your essay and giving you high marks if the topic is unique and if the content is well presented.

  • Topic Analysis and Why Brainstorming is Helpful

Once the topic has been selected, it will need to be researched in terms of other relevant critiques on the subject, and the student will need to provide logical arguments for or against it. Some good sources of material for essays are library textbooks, journal articles and various Internet sources, provided they are authentic.

  • Note Taking

A wide variety of reading material can provide the writer with some great ideas and research options that they can pursue. Therefore, students should make a note of any useful material or ideas in their own words. They can then use this material later whether they decide to write their own papers or buy essay papers from an online provider.

  • First Draft and Writing the Introductory Paragraph

As any good essay writing service will advise, it is a good idea to write a draft or outline before writing the final paper. The outline can include the key arguments and the general structure. The introduction should introduce the topic, present the main ideas, and generally attract the reader’s attention so that they will want to read on.

  • Body Text and Concluding Paragraph

All paragraphs should flow smoothly and logically, presenting all the ideas and evidence of the essay writer. The grammar, language, spelling and citation must also be perfect. The style of an essay can be linear or interactive. Every essay must end with a conclusion, which provides an overview of the main ideas/findings, and it should issue a call for further action. The conclusion can close with a simple quotation, recommendation, question or logical statement.

  • Sources Should be Cited

If accusations of plagiarism are to be avoided, it is essential that all sources are referenced and cited to reassure your tutor that your essay is original. Plagiarism can be avoided when all quotation or rephrasing is referenced and cited accurately. Some of the preferred styles for citation are APA, Chicago, Harvard and MLA.

Once the writing is complete, every custom essay should be reviewed to ensure the spelling is perfect, the sentences flow smoothly and that the references are all present and correct. You should also check that the main question has been properly addressed and the language used is appropriate. Even the smallest mistakes can affect the overall grading of a paper.

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