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How to Write an Argumentative Essay

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How to Write an Argumentative Essay

Writing an argumentative essay requires presenting evidences and concrete sources to support your point of view and back your stance pro or against the subject. For example, you have to compile a paper about the support for decriminalization of prostitution. However, if your opinion is against this issue, you may face difficulties with writing an essay on the topic, which you oppose. However, you should not worry; it might be difficult, but not impossible. To cope with the assignment, you can use this guidance of writing an argumentative essay. To make the task easier to complete, you can first write an outline.


The first part of any academic paper is introduction. In the introduction, the author can write about the history or background of the topic of the paper. You can describe the history of prostitution in different societies and the reasons of existence of prostitution. Besides, you can include information and statistics that support your point of view.

Sources that Support your Opinion

When the introduction is done, you have to conduct a research and find references or reasons, which will support your point of view. If you are assigned to support the decriminalization of prostitution, you have to find the reasons why this must be done. For instance, you can affirm that decriminalization will help to maintain the sexual health of women, who are engaged in this process. Since prostitution is now illegal, the government deprives the prostitutes of their right for basic healthcare
Your goal is to list the bigger amount of reasons why you consider decriminalization should be pushed. The more arguments you can find to support your opinion, the better.

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Counter-Arguments or Rebuttals

As soon as you have finished with your arguments, you ought to think about the ideas, with which the opposite side can come up to defend their point of view. Put yourself in their shoes and think about the reasons why the decriminalization of prostitution may lead to the undesired consequences. After it, suggest a refuting statement for every counter-argument.

The Conclusion

The last part of an argumentative essay is the conclusion. In this part, you have to write a brief summary of all the arguments and counter-arguments presented in the paper. In the finishing paragraph, strongly prove your opinion and give reasons why other people should find your opinion more argumentative comparing to the opposing side.

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