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Tips on Writing a Song Analysis Essay

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Tips on Writing a Song Analysis Essay

Many people would probably never think that a song may not be easy to analyze. On the contrary, it may be quite difficult to make a perfect analysis of a song. The problem is that many people consider that a song is believed to be music, while it ought to be poetry. Frankly speaking, music can be called an additional layer of meaning to that particular song since it has figurative language and many literary devices. However, it is not recommended to pay attention only to the lyrics when trying to write a successful essay regarding a song. To tell you the truth, the melody that is present in a song just modifies the meaning that is supposed to be played simultaneously with the words. Nevertheless, a song should be good at delivering a message; therefore, good language is also inevitable. Here you can take advantage of a few useful steps that should be taken so that you are guided when you are trying to create a flawless song analysis essay.

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  • Take your time and listen carefully to the song several times. There is no need of thinking too much with regard to stylistic specifics. You’d rather listen to that song a few times and then proceed with writing down concerning in what way the song influences you. Remember to discuss the emotions and feelings you get while listening to the song. Apart from that, make an attempt to discuss the message you get or the central theme.
  • In order to scrutinize the lyrics of the song more precisely, you’d better print your song out. Take into consideration the use of the words, as well as how they affect the meaning of the song particularly to you. For example, a songwriter might be able to communicate a feeling of frustration by using the effective song lyrics. Bear in mind that you should listen to the song one more time holding in front of you the list that consists of different observations.
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