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Organization Theory and Design

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Free «Organization Theory and Design» Essay Sample

Question 1

A design is the most important thing of any place because people remember it due to outward and interior. Thought the design, the visitors can appreciate if the organization is acceptable for them or not. Mano’s Place is not an exception. The design of it looked like classic living rooms with beautiful bookshelves and comfortable sofas. This interior helped the visitors to feel them homely and cosily. It was the weightiest benefit of Mano’s Place. It is well-known fact that everybody will visit the place any more time if he/she feels comfortable there. The structure perspective was good organized. Unforgettable design combined with diverse, delicious food was a good recipe to become a popular place for the visitors. When Mona decided to make her chain of such places, she believed that the key success was to make every café identical from the design to the service and food. She created instruction for food preparing, standards cleanliness and strict methods of record keeping. The managers in every café had to control the implementation of all norms and rules. Somebody from the main office would do the quality audit of each café. In general, the structure of this business was very formal. The design and structure looked perfection and provided in the 90’s. It was the first place with such coloration and comfort in that times, and people respected it.


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Question 2

The authority relationships across all levels are very considerable factor of success in every chain business. Speaking about Mano’s Place, everybody can see that Mona was the real leader and authority between her working team. On the one hand, every level felt very strongly Mona’s presence. Every worker understood that if he/she had worked not enough and unsatisfactorily, that person could have had a risk to lose the work. On the other hand, there were some encouragements. For example, the keeping system managers related to the ‘top achievers’. They could receive award like holiday bonuses, cinema tickets, shop vouchers and others. It is the consequential thing that all levels were well coordinated and related. It is another key of the large organization successful functioning. Every worker knew his/her obligations. The managers should control and coordinate these processes. The main office had to make audit and provide successful chain development. All of these facts were Mona’s merit, but it was impossible to be strong in the future. Both time and managing methods are changing.

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Question 3

The organization’s specific and general environment seems to be different today and when Maha’s mother was in charge. If Mona required writing the financial report, her daughter computerized the financial reporting system, which makes this process simpler. She discussed with every manager targets and results for the year and made the accent on the quality (sales and costs). The young head was interested in whether the café had reached its results, but not how it had done this. The main office continued to do the audit, but not so frequently. Maha have more autonomy about managing the bistros, while her mother believed that every manager had to organize his/her café work equally as it was the chain. During the Maha’s management, the market environment has changed. The new concurrent appeared, and the customer’s needs changed. Maha started producing different dishes in each café. All these changes are contributed to the current situation. Another duffer is that Mano’s team working was so permanents because she could explain the workers about the value of their jobs. Her daughter could not so this, so her team structure has changed too often. It is not contributed to the current situation.

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Question 4

The disconnection between the branches of any staff organization is very unhealthy. This fact can cost a decline of all chain in the nearest future. In this case, the organization success depends on head’s possibilities and features.  Maha should do the number of steps to decrease the changes in working team structure. This measure can help to increase integration because if the people work during the long time, the collective will be more cooperated and friendly. The Mona’s daughter has to review the management policy and choose some positive moments from it. For example, provide some motivation measures to give the worker a mind that this job is the best for him/her. On the one hand, Maha should organize some corporate holidays to make informal speaking between the people. On the other hand, she has to be stronger with them to show the workers who is the head and who is the employees. Every café of the chain can have its difference, but should have the same aim. The difference means any specialty or originality. The main office should continue coordination the functioning of all chain and control it.

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Question 5

First of all Maha should not cancel the signs of the café’s similarity because it is one chain. For example, some dishes, elements of the interior, the staff uniform or logo and advertisement. Every person who came in should comprehend that he/she is in the Mano’s Place. It is very considerable. Maha should discover the consumer’s needs, which have been changing for the times, and provide them.  She can return to the organization design of her mother to save these signs or to provide a new one that will remember the visitors in which place they are. Cooking the dishes, which people want, is the best version to increase costs and save business.  She can refer to the marketing agency with this question and it will help her. Mona’s daughter has to hire professional managers who will be able to control the cafe working as it was in her mother’s times. Beside these, Maha should provide a well-functioning system of reports and audit to keep an eye on every mistake and to avoid them in the future. Maha is obligated to be a leader and coupe with the organization management.

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