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Category: History

Baths and Bathing in Antiquity

Nowadays, baths are an integral part of any apartment and house, at least in the overwhelming majority of world countries with a few exceptions where ...

The British Role in the Creation of a Jewish State in Palestine

The Middle East region has always played a significant role in the international relations. From the ancient times, it has been a strategic intersecti...

World Civilization: Questions and Answers

Q.1. Impact of Western imperialism on China and Southern Africa from the 1800s to 1914 During the 1800-1914 period, the world witnessed a new wave of...

Russian History between 1801 and 1861: Alexander I and Nicholas I

The Russian history of the nineteenth century is a complicated phenomenon that embraces a variety of political, economic, social and cultural factors ...

Forts of Al-Ain and Oasis Buraimi

For many years, the Al-Ain – Buraimi region was called the Buraimi Oasis. The Buraimi Oasis did not refer only to the palm groves in Buraimi, it was...

The Somali Civil Conflict

The Somali conflict has been continuing since 1991(BBC News) where the then president was overthrown. This paper mainly focuses on this conflict by an...
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