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Dear Sir/Madam,

With this letter I would hereby like to express my interest to enter the University of California to gain a Bachelor’s Degree in Statistics Study. As I come from China, to be an international student for me means to have great responsibility and strong motivation. Thus, I aim to enter the University of California and do my study successfully. To achieve this result, I have to either enlarge my scope or enrich my academic knowledge in the field of study I have chosen. I spent months in libraries and surfed the Internet to get prepared for the entering exams to the UC as I really want to get profound education in my chosen field – Finance. Regarding my personality, I am goal-oriented, calm, patient, and diligent. Besides, I do not talk too much and always finish my tasks as required. Concerning my hobbies, I love photography very much and I am good at it. My life motto is to stay calm.

After finishing my studies in Tangshan No.1 High School, where I was doing my study from September 2008 till June 2011, in September 2011, I entered the Shandong University, which is a top university in China. I had been studying Engineering Mechanics there for two academic years until June 2013. While studying, I was very attentive and patient and was doing my best to be a successful student. Nevertheless, despite all my attempts, I became aware that I lost my interest in Engineering Mechanics. However, it was too late when I realized that I did not fit my major as according to the rules of Chinese university education system, as a junior I was not allowed to change my major. Nevertheless, I dreamt to continue studying and get a Degree in Finance. I outlined my educational plan and addressed to the university professors for their opinion. Having listened to my plan of getting a Master’s Degree in Finance, professors in Chinese universities recommended me to choose this major as an undergraduate first. My family and my friends believed in me and helped me in everything. That is why my dream became true and I transferred to the United States, California, Santa Monica College. This is one of the reasons why I apply to continue studying in the USA.

I have been studying at Santa Monica College since February 2014. At present, I major in Math as there is no major of Statistics in SMC. In fact, the major I am really interested in is Statistics. I selected it, because I am planning to study Finance after graduating college. I believe that Statistics is a good start. In my opinion, there is not a big difference between math and statistics, especially for college students. So, I major in Math and I consider myself to be good at it. I am glad to do math problems and I really enjoy it. Sometimes, due to my personality characteristics, I cannot finish my assignments very fast, which makes me usually hurry in my study. Since I joined SMC, I have been entertained by the education system and started to take courses that really interested me. No enforced study plan, no fixed courses, I can choose my own topic, statistics, and take the related courses, reading, researching, and studying. I enjoy being a student in SMC and I think I succeed in it. This semester, I am taking two Math classes – Math 54 and Math 11. On the transcript, my previous UC GPA is 3.61, but I finished an eight-week class this fall, so if calculate that now, my UC GPA will be 3.65. I have learned much in just one short year, achieved good results, and have got a valuable experience. I think, the US education system can really reveal my potential and help me improve my skills in such studying environment.

My educational objectives in the United States are linked to my summer internship at the EXPORT-IMPORT BANK OF CHINA Zhejiang Branch. It is not about Statistics but it is about Finance, which was also a great experience. However, it was just a little step in becoming an expert in the sphere of Finance, so I need to obtain advanced systematic knowledge in this subject. I hope to learn more about Financial Statistics in the United States of America as this country is considered to be one of the richest and most successful in the world. I want to get in the UC to enrich my knowledge, to gain a Bachelor’s and then a Master’s Degree in order to become a professional in the major I have chosen and for being able to contribute significantly into the field of Finance in the future.

I completely understand that it will be challenging, but I am not afraid of difficulties and I am able to face them. After I arrived in America, it was hard time for me to live in LA. First, my English was not that good, no matter in daily life or in the class. Second, the culture shock was also a problem. Besides, I did not know how to drive, which was the worst part of my life in LA at that time. Before I came, I had no idea that there are so few taxis, and nobody told me that there is a thing called “Uber”… I once waited for a bus for about 2 hours. I tried my best to solve this problem and I succeeded. I arrived in America on January 19th and I got my driver license in the morning of April 1st and bought my first car in the afternoon of the same day.

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In conclusion, I would like to emphasize that I am convinced that, in order to become an expert in any sphere, one needs both profound theoretical and practical base. I consider professional studies are very efficient to my development as a well-educated and open-minded personality.

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