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Free «Love Letter» Essay Sample

My life has changed and I have become the happiest person in the world since I met you. The most amazing things have happened to me beside you. I do not know where to begin and which words to choose. I want to tell a lot but lack right words. I am too shy to tell you everything face-to-face. This letter is a kind of revelation. You are the only family I have in Mississippi. Your support and affection encourage me to breathe, act, develop, and wake up in the morning. You are the person who helps me to cope with any issue and challenge I experience here. I am away from home and have no one to support me if needed. I know that I can always rely on you and it makes you more respected.

When I first saw you, I thought of you like of a usual countryman. Moreover, I found that you would never look at a young boy such as me. I could have been your son, but not a love partner. When I saw your eyes, they were full of light that indicated energy, love, encouragement, and affection. I could not take my eyes off you. I stood and did not know what to do, where to go, and how to attract your attention. I know that you did not notice me, but it does not matter now. The main thing is that you noticed me later. I really value and appreciate the moment when you came to me. I will never forget that day and our first conversation. It was about nothing, but at the same time, it was interesting and fascinating.

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I wake up in the morning and my first thoughts are about you. I dream about spending nights and days with you. However, I realize that it is impossible now. I am ready to wait as long as needed. I am a silent slave of this love. I can do nothing but wait. However, waiting is so tiresome. My love distracts me from all problems that I have experienced and continue to experience. I forget about all my sorrows when I see you or even dream about you. This love is an effective remedy for troubles.

Your charming voice is appealing. When I hear you, I experience the feelings of devotion, respect, and value. You have a unique timbre that everyone must admire. I am on cloud nine when you show at least the tiniest signs of your admiration and affection. I understand that you cannot be as ambitious as me, but I accept everything. Your lips are beautiful when you whisper. I adore your voice and the way you pronounce words. I dream about hearing your whisper at night. However, you do not give me such chance. I know that you have the same feelings, but the circumstances do not allow you to express them. I hope everything will change in the future and our lives will be limitless. Actually, love has no boundaries and no limits. Therefore, I have never treated your age as an obstacle.

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The fragrance of your perfume is like a storm in the ocean. I have never smelt anything like it before. I perfectly suit your personality and it is one more aspect that lures me. When I am in the crowd, I tend to smell the air to see if you are nearby. Also, I smell the air when you are close to me to make sure that it is not a dream.

However, the reality is painful. But when people do their best to achieve their aims, dreams come true. Therefore, I dream a lot and make efforts to become closer to you. I would like to tell you that I will never let you down. You may also rely on me and my support. I am the slave of your love and can do whatever you like to make you happy. Your happy face is the best reward I can get. You look amazing when you smile. Your charming smile is always before my eyes. The dimples on your cheeks are like the whirls that make me forget about everything.

Everything related to you is the subject of great admiration. The presents you gave, the books you shared with me, and even the songs you like have immense value as they remind me of you. I have become the fun of the same singers, movies, and books as you. I want to be with you forever. When I think about you, I feel freedom, a sense of belonging, and joy in my heart. I would like to talk to you for hours on end. I know that I always feel your support. You are a teacher, father, and friend in one person. Your advice is always helpful. You teach me through your wisdom and life experience. You are a person that provides the best possible example of life rules. You can find solutions to all problems and help in any situation.

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This life is a trap for me. However, I have no fear when I am with you; I have lost a sense of time and I only feel the magic. I feel every beat of your heart. I am in a fairy tale when you are beside me. Maybe it seems madness to have such immense love for you. But I cannot do anything to my feelings as they grow every time I see you. You give me support, warmth, and belief in the better future. My heart has often been too full to speak and express my feelings. I thank God for meeting you and having the opportunity to experience the warm feeling of love.

You are the first person I think of when I am lonely. It is probably because you have the talent to cheer me up. Also, you are the only person with whom I want to spend my whole life. I cannot imagine my life without you. You give me the energy to live. Your presence is the greatest gift I have ever received. You are my soul mate. You are the friend I have never had. I am sure that I will never have such a reliable friend as you are the best one. I will cherish you as there is nobody I would rather have by my side. You are the most kind-hearted, loyal, and intelligent person I have ever met. I am the luckiest boy in the world as I can call you my friend.

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This letter is a kind of confession. I am too shy to tell you all I want. But here you can find the main idea of my attitude to you. I hope this letter will show you my devotion and admiration of your personality. Remember, I can wait as much as needed because I really value our friendship. You are my sorrow, happiness, hope, and the only love I have ever had. I feel alive when you are beside me. I love you! I adore you! You are my eyes, ears, and voice! You are the sense of my life!

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