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Resume Tips for Students

Resume Tips for Students

Resume is the first contact between the potential employee and the potential employer. This contact determines whether a candidate will get an interview. That is why it is necessary to create a great first impression in your resume so that to provide the hiring manager wants to meet and get to know you. Many college students, who have no or very small experience, do not know what to put on their resumes. Here are some tips that will help you create a good first impression and get that interview.

Study Abroad Experience

If you have such experience, then you should definitely add it to your resume. It demonstrates that you are independent and open-minded. Besides, traveling shows you are not afraid of challenges and risks, can manage things on your own, and are interested in other cultures. The experience of studying abroad is the thing, which can make you stand out from other potential employees.

Awards & Scholarships

In case you have any award for good grades or a scholarship for the paper that you have written, you should write about it in the resume. Such things demonstrate dedication and ability to work hard, which are two important qualities that employers appreciate in employees. Moreover, you cannot miss it if you received an award within your field of study.

Extracurricular Activities

Such activities prove you have good organization skills and know how to manage your time. Besides, they show you have a hands-on experience in your desired field of work, know how to create connections with people and have good social skills. If you take part in extracurriculars, which are directly connected to your field of study, it is even more important as they can become valuable experience, which you can use after college.

Personal Projects

Have you created a personal website, started an own Etsy store or done some kind of project? Mention it in the resume! Personally, I wrote a travel book in college (which never got published, but it does not matter), so I included it in the resume. It demonstrates numerous useful skills related to my major and shows that I can manage a project from the beginning to end. Besides, personal projects give the interviewer the chance to get to know you better.


It does not matter whether they are paid or not. In any case, they are very important and you definitely must mention them in your resume. As they are hands-on experience directly in your field, they play even a more important role than work experience in retail or any other part-time job, which you can get as a college student.


Are you sure you do not have any experience? Think well. Just because you were not paid for some job, it does not mean it is not valid. People learn a lot from volunteering and if you have such experience, make sure to write about it in your resume. Remember that such work is as good as any paid position. Moreover, it demonstrates that you are open-minded and are willing to help others.

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