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Writing an Effective Title and Abstract

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Writing an Effective Title and Abstract

Writing a research paper is usually not such an easy task. If the research paper is well written, it can have a huge impact in a certain field. In order to write a good paper, student has to make several steps and special attention should be given to every step. If you have ever been assigned to complete a research paper, you definitely know that every academic paper consists of several parts. Some of these chapters are easy to write, while others require more time and effort. However, all of them can be done if you endeavor. Actually, a big number of academic papers published every day show a very different picture.

One of the parts of the majority of academic papers is the abstract. This is a part, with which many students have difficulties. The reason often is that they do not know what exactly they are required to do while working on it. If you are one of such students, you should continue reading this article.

What is an Abstract

An abstract is a brief summary of the work done for the research paper. The important thing is that the abstract should be about the work done, not the topic or anything else. You have to understand that your aim should be summarizing what you have done in the experiment or research. However, it is not enough just to know what the abstract is. You should also keep in mind several things, which will help you to write the solid abstract. These points are the following.

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This point is one of the very important. An abstract has to be a brief summary of the entire paper. The briefer and more precise it is, the better. You should ensure that you stay within the word limit while working on the abstract. Ask your professor about the number of words.

Keep the Reader in Mind

One more important factor is keeping the target audience in mind. The abstract should be written depending on the audience that is supposed to read your work. So, ensure that you know as much as possible about the readers.

Detail the Methods

Remember that you should describe the methods, which were used for conducting a research or making the experiment for your paper. Without describing the methods, your paper will serve no purpose.

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