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Category: Analysis

The Effects of Fast Food on the American Health and Culture

Eric Schlosser is an American journalist and self-made author born on August 17th, 1959. Being an investigative journalist, he centers his works on th...
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Children of Heaven

There are many movies that can easily touch one’s heart or make one think a lot about global issues. Such movies are significant for the society and...
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Most of the governments and bureaucratic organizations loathe the probability of a whistleblower appearance. The whistleblowers often have to deal wit...
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Path Dependency

Path Dependency as a theory postulates that initial decisions, conditions, and managerial directions are likely to affect subsequent decisions or conc...
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Why Free Speech Is Fundamental

A rhetorical approach of the Steven Pinker’s article “Why Free Speech Is Fundamental” is one of the key factors that determine its success and t...
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Analysis of Pink’s Six Principles in the Conceptual World

Introduction Daniel Pink (2005) sees the future to accommodate successfully persons with different mindsets: artists, creative individuals, and “ri...
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“Living Philosophy”: The Case for Optimal Pollution

In the article The Case for Optimal Pollution, Baxter’s concept focuses on the anthropocentrism. His key idea lies in the fact that the people are t...
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Factors Influencing Juvenile Crime

Research question: Do after school programs reduce juvenile crimes? After-school programs cover all the programs that invite young people to particip...
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“East is East”

Ayub Khan-Din’s Play “East is East” in the Frames of Marxist Literary CriticismAccording to the Marxist theory on the literary criti...
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Theatre Critique on the Play “Into the Woods”

“Into the woods” is a play written by James Lapine, which uses the music and lyrics by Stephen Sondeheim. The current critique refers to the play ...
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Case Study Analysis

The Walt Disney is one of the world’s leading companies in the entertaining industry. The corporation has planned to build a large American history ...
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The Conflict between Personal Happiness and Social Obligation

IntroductionEach distinct society has a unique definition of roles and obligations that are imposed upon its members. These are often based on the soc...
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