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Category: Analysis

Response: Exegesis

This part of New Testament speaks about false prophets being there within Christianity trying to ruin it from within. In the first three sentences, Pe...
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Born As a Psychopath or Diseased

The article “The Childhood Psychopath: Bad Seed or Bad Parents?” by Katherine Ramsland asserts that psychopaths are different from other people an...
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Detecting Suicide from Facial Expressions

Different studies have been conducted to analyze facial expressions. For example, research indicates that gay men can be identified by their faces alo...
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Opinion Paper

The concept of “food” went far beyond its usual definition. It is not only a necessity of animals and human beings but something more. Food become...
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Handel’s “Messiah”

To begin with, I should say that it was not difficult for me to choose the religious art work for that essay. I am keen on symphonic music, so on Febr...
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