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Children’s Health

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The Impact of Infant Mortality on the Assessment of a Community’s Health

The infant mortality rate is a clear indicator of the health status of the population. Apart from the health of the population, the infant mortality rate depicts a lot more about the community’s status. The sectors that affect the infant mortality rate include economic development of the area, well-being of the society, the illness rates, environment, and the general living conditions. Therefore, the death rate of the children in the community calls for a multispectral assessment so as to curb the conditions and the deaths (Kohrt et al., 2010).

Common Health Problems in Children

There are some illnesses that are more prominent in children than adults. A great percentage of children suffer from the same diseases because of social lifestyle and the weak immune system. The most common conditions among children include those of the upper respiratory system. Since the upper respiratory system is more accessible to infections, many children suffer from the diseases that affect this system. The most common upper respiratory tract infections include pneumonia and bronchiolitis.

The digestive system is another most commonly affected system in children. Its accessibility to the bacteria and not fully developed immune system in children predispose children to different digestive diseases. Therefore, there are increased cases of diarrhea and dehydration among children. Poor management of dehydration leads to loosing children’s lives (Alehagen, Hagg, Kalen-Enterlov & Johansson, 2011).

Malnutrition is also common among children. Often, mothers overlook the nutritional status of their children that leads to a myriad of problems. The key problems of poor nutrition include obesity and malnutrition. The poor health of children has a great impact on both the family and the community as a whole. It has both psychological and financial implications. The community has also increased bidden and diverted funds hence leading to poor development.

Common Behavioral Problems that Have Health Consequences

Adolescents are the most vulnerable group of people to health problems in relation to their behavior. Curiosity and peer pressure push adolescents to indulge into the behavior that poses a great threat to their health. Drug and substance abuse rates increase on this age group. A number of adolescents keep trying out the new things they encounter. Among them are drugs that cause numerous heath issues including psychiatric effects (Kohrt et al., 2010). The psychoactive drugs predispose one to the psychiatric problems. Quite a number of issues are connected with the misuse of drugs and impaired judgment which leads to long-term health problems.

Curiosity and naïve nature of adolescents make them indulge in unsafe sex. There is a big number of sexually transmitted diseases with the most common being HIV, syphilis, and gonorrhea. Even with the increased health talks on the safe sex, the adolescents are not able to heed the advices because of their naïve nature. Peer pressure causes the wreck less behavior among the adolescents. A number of accidents on the roads are caused by adolescents and their urge to test new things.

Difference in the Role of the Community Health Nurse in Child Health with that of an Acute Care Setting Nurse

The community setting and the acute care setting handle various conditions with different strategies. The main objective of a community health nurse is to put in place preventive and health promotion measures of some diseases while a nurse in an acute care setting deals with the real diseases. The main objective in acute care sector is to restore health of the child to its original state. For instance, in community, the nurse will be more involved into the activities geared towards the prevention of the disease development. Activities like immunization and health education are paramount and of great essence in this area of nursing (Ertl, Pfeiffer, Schauer, Elbert, & Neuner, 2011).

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On the other hand, the hospital setup provides a different whole sort of services. Most of them include the nursing diagnosis and medical management of the patient. To cure the illness and regain the patient’s health state, the nurse, is involved into drug administration and helping the patient perform the daily  activities.

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