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Miracles are Merely Coincidences

Free «Miracles are Merely Coincidences» Essay Sample


Despite being recurrent and unusual, random experiences are merely expressions of chance factors that are not necessarily divine. Random events happen purely because of chance; they have neither meaning nor a reason for occurring. They are connected to the natural law. When people look down upon this law, they tend to think superstitiously and relate the random occurrence of events to the supernatural force. It is simply non-existent, because coincidence is not connected to any greater supernatural force (Walsch 47). Miracles are merely coincidences, because every action or phenomenon in the world has its consequences, but human beings have a strong notion behind miracles.

Discussion Analysis

Scientists try to find explanations to the random nature of all events, which are well described by permutations and combinations; for instance, in mathematics, if the possible combinations exceed a particular number, then it means that there is an infinite possible outcome of situations. This implies that events can occur in infinite combinations, which are beyond the comprehension of the human mind; thus, random events are what is perceived to be miracles (Cook 76).

The pattern with which events randomly occur is neither coherent nor meaningful. They are completely insignificant and do not happen for a purpose. Events occur randomly and are communally independent. However, the pattern according to which events happen can be a sequence, but the experiences remain unconnected to each other. The occurrence of a random event does not relate to another event even by meaning. It shows that experiences neither occur for a reason nor are meaningful. However, they are attributed to chance factors, which are completely independent (Walsch 57).

A large number of random experiences are merely coincidental, because their causality is completely independent of the forces that are believed to be superpowers. There is no connection between coincidence and the supernatural world at all. People will always have the notion that coincidences happen for a specific purpose, but the fact is that they are purely a result of random chances. The supernatural cause that is held by most people about the chance of the occurrence of random experience often ends up being unnoticed, and coincidence takes the main concern (Walsch 121).

The occurrence of random events is explained by mathematical probability, especially in calculating risks (Cole 27). Mathematical calculations help in determining the probability of the random occurrence. All possible events are bound to even those that are the least likely to happen. The improbable events are also bound to be possible outcomes. For, example when tossing a fair coin, the probability of the outcome being either a head or a tail is equal. In a sequence that is random, the expected runs would both be heads and tails. Due to the separate occurrence of the outcomes, they are not sequential. Despite all that happens, the odds will stay fixed and constant, because there is no change.

The experiences that happen in our daily activities, either good or tragic, are not connected to any superstitious force. It only takes people to be rational or rather mathematically oriented in order to have a realization that experiences are completely coincidental. It is hard to understand why people will always give a meaning to the experiences that are meaningless. They also give coincidences a lot of significance yet the real world coincidences are completely insignificant. People often tend to perceive dogmatic ideas, which are absolutely mistaken for reality. Chance coincidence is an important aspect of reality. Coincidences do not have a meaning or connotation. They do not occur for any particular reason, but because of factors that are attributed to chance (Cook 77).

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Random experiences that are miraculous coincidences are well described and explained by the way of probability. Common sense is also employed to a great extend in this process. In spite of the fact that coincidences may be more interesting at times, ultimately, they will always remain to be coincidences and purely determined by the aspect of chance factors. They happen because of luck and chance. Whenever random events occur coincidentally, many people perceive them to be miracles. Miracles cannot be said to be obvious coincidences. People believe that they are abstract and can barely be predicted. In reality, they can be quite predictable. Therefore, miracles are just mere coincidences whose occurrence can be calculated by way of probability to determine possible outcomes (Byerly 87).


Taking the case of investment as an ideal example, success realized by the investors is purely a result of chance. This is all because the market as a whole is fair, and each investor has an equal opportunity as they all work towards success. It is only by chance that some of the investors end up multimillionaires whereas others become total losers. It is hard to predict the winners or losers because in a stock market, investment is more of a random procedure. The process is termed as random, because every investor works quite hard towards beating anyone else and outwitting them. This is quite predictable, because possible gains or losses in the stock market occur due to random chances, which can be determined through probability. In addition to the sophisticated mathematicians and the scientists, a small number of other people clearly perceive the nature of chance. Most people possess a lesser understanding of this nature and tend to hold to mysterious powers. They think that these cause the occurrence of random events. This does not count at all, because random experiences occur by chance.

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