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7 Tips on Writing a Good College Admission Essay

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7 Tips on Writing a Good College Admission Essay

When you decide to apply for college, you can hardly avoid writing an admission essay. Many people find it laborious because it might be hard to adjust your writing to certain requirements set by a specific school. You can try to wing it in the last moment, but the chances of it being successful are slim. Instead, it’s a good idea to plan the whole process and follow these tips.

1. Brainstorm

Before you put your pen to work, think all the things through. Read the assignment thoroughly and think what direction your essay will take. Remember that usually college admission prompts are personal, so you should write about your own experience.

2. Write in Parts

Writing step by step is a lot easier than in one go. Divide the essay into the introduction, the body part and the conclusion and write them separately. However, don’t forget that all three parts should be logically connected since the introduction shows the main idea, the body part develops it while the conclusion sums it up.

3. Write Drafts

Before your essay reaches perfection, there will be less impeccable drafts. And it’s a normal occurrence; the drafts shouldn’t be perfect but rather become the base for your final essay. Don’t hesitate to include everything that pops up in your mind, you’ll be able to edit the extra information later.

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4. Be Creative

If there are any interesting writing techniques you can use, a college essay is a good time to show your creativity. This will help you to stand out from the crowd and show your personality. Just be careful with humor and don’t overuse it in order not to create a wrong impression.

5. Get Feedback

To have a new and clear look at your essay, ask someone to read it and express his/her honest opinion. You might not be able to notice your own awkward sentences or wrong wording while it will immediately catch someone else’s attention. Just make sure the person can be trusted to show an honest and unbiased opinion.

6. Double Check

On the last stage of writing your essay, it’s essential to proofread it a few times. You might be surprised to notice a stupid typo you’ve overlooked before. Only when you’re completely satisfied with it, it’s time to submit your essay.

7. Keep in Mind the Requirements

Simultaneously with writing an essay, keep in mind the deadlines and requirements established by each college. It’s naïve to hope that they are the same everywhere – each school makes its own rules, and if you want to study, you have to follow them. Before submitting your essay, check whether you’re following all the directions.

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