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Arts Marketing

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Arts Marketing

When I used to visit the National Museum in London, I was very surprised at the multiplicity of art works demonstrated there, and an awesome multi-cultural atmosphere. The main problem for me was that I did not know where to start, and some exhibitions were so vanguard that I could not understand them well. So, I was lucky to find a guide of foreign tourists, who explained the history of works, and why each of them is still valuable today. It was really very helpful and greatly added to our enjoyment of exhibitions. Some art works can be enjoyed by a person, but particular works require that an expert explains their significance and gives background information.

Arts Organization

An arts organization is the character of the arts field. It provides people with an opportunity to learn, where we are from, who we are, who our ancestors were, what they have done for us. Usually, an arts organization is defined as a non-profit organization. But to be honest, people cannot just rely on governments, art councils or donations. The number of artists increases, and we tend to spend our time on relaxing and doing something that brings us joy, we do not mind to spend the money on something non-material. However, the numbers visiting museums, theatres, galleries and other kinds of arts exhibitions, are going down. Many of us are going out to entertain ourselves, but not in arts field.

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Marketing in Arts

Marketing is defined as the management process responsible for identifying, forecasting and satisfying the requirements of customers. However, it is a bit different for an arts organization. General marketing concentrates more on promotion, pricing and satisfying consumers for getting bigger profits. An arts organization considers satisfying individual to let them come. A known writer said that marketing in arts is getting people to want what you have.

Marketing Resources Required for Individual Artists

Most artists need strategic care provided by the arts organizations to focus more on their work. Historically, galleries and museums focus on collecting objects and specimens, instead of audiences. Their strategy was: “Collect it and people will come.” However, today, people’s needs and values have to be a primary focus if museums want to attract more visitors to their exhibitions. Their new strategy should become: “Know them and visitors will come.”

To create a new mindset, museums have to look at their visitors, as well as to think of themselves through from the point of view of people in order to adapt their facilities and programs so that they meet visitors’ wants.

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