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An Essay on Immigration

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An Essay on Immigration

Writing an essay on immigration, just like writing any other kind of academic paper, requires time, effort, and some writing skills. Such papers should also have an interesting introduction with a strong thesis statement, informative body paragraphs with arguments that support your opinion, and a conclusion with a brief summary of everything stated in the essay.

Write a Thesis Statement

You have to make sure your thesis statement is short, informative, and unequivocal. It must clearly define the topic, explain the target of your writing and provide a reader with the information what the essay is about.

Here is a good example of thesis statement for such type of paper:

“A big number of developed countries do not give visas to the citizens of the third world countries, as they have fears towards these foreigners, who will probably not leave the country on the expiry date of the visa and will stay as illegal immigrants”.

Describe the Kind of Immigration Problem

You may prefer writing about immigration issues in the United States or any other country. It can be an essay about helping immigrants, their rights, their behavior in the community, or even about the problem of getting immigrants out of the country. You may like to compare the immigration trends in a graph. Make sure that you stick to the topic and stay focused on it throughout the whole paper.

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Choose Your Side

Consider which side you are going to advocate in your thesis, whether immigrants or the government. You should make a decision before you start writing. Keep in mind that you do not have to sound diplomatic. Remember that your essay will sound weak if it does not have any instigating factors.

Work Backwards

You will have to make a thorough research before you start writing itself. Put questions to every issue that interests you and then do your best to find answers to all those questions. When answering those questions, make them meet the essay format.

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