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Home Safety Essay

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Home Safety Essay

A famous proverb says that ‘my home is my castle’. However, accidents and danger can await people even in their buildings. The youngest and the oldest ones are the mostly disposed to home injuries and perils. Thus, it is reasonable to consider and prevent them in advance.

Fire Safety

The danger of fire lies in its sudden and rapid start. The consequences can be very deplorable. The most dangerous type of fire is the night one, when inhabitants of the building are having a deep sleep, and do not feel the smell and do not hear the noise of danger.

  • One of the most dangerous sources of home fires are all kinds of heaters, candles and open-fires. The usage of them should be guarded all the time. No curtains or window nets can be near. It’s dangerous to leave them on during the night time or owners absence. The rules of fire safety forbid to dry or air clothes near home heaters too.
  • Smoking in a bed and the availability of matches and lighters for children are other reasons of the fire risk. Even if a person is sober, he/she can become too relaxed and fall asleep with a cigarette in hands. Even if children are obedient, their friends can use forbidden staff for a game. Many unpredictable situations happen every day; thus, it is better to think them over beforehand.
  • Kitchen is another dangerous place. Nothing should be left without attention while it is being boiled, fried or baked. Never leave home even for several minutes with your oven turn on. The presence of children at kitchen should be guided properly too as they can touch the heated surface, turn up the pot with hot water or put something near the burner.

Electricity Safety

All kinds of electrical appliances bring the danger of injury and fire together with comfort. For this reason, no exploitation rules can be neglected. It is better to omit the usage of the electric devices, which work wrongly, have wired flexes and demonstrate other forms of dysfunction. The wiring installation should pass regular check for proper work.

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Water Safety

Home water submersion is not as dangerous for human health as fire, but it can damage the property of the owners and neighbors. If a tap or sink does not work smoothly, it can cause a big problem every second. The best decision in this case is to turn off building water supply. However, if there is nobody at home, a lot of water would be everywhere in the house. To keep you safe, it is recommended to cut off an apartment or house from water supply for the period of vacations and long absence.

The three most common home safety strategies are mentioned above. Besides fire, water and electricity, slippery tiles, sharp furniture corners, rolled up mats, glass inserts in doors and furniture may turn from décor and comfort into a serious danger at home too. Thus, it is better to consider not only the beauty, but also the practical safety of everything you buy for your castle.

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