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Netflix’s Influence on College Students

Netflix’s Influence on College Students

No surprise, that the majority of Netflix audience is college students. And for this reason, it’s no wonder that the phrase “Netflix and chill” has a special meaning for them. However, if students love Netflix so much, one very relevant and important question may pop-up: don’t they spend more time watching Netflix than actually doing their homework? Isn’t this Netflix obsession dangerous for their performance in the college and subsequently their future career and life? In order to answer this question, we have decided to take a closer look at how being a Netflix fan can influence the life and academic achievements of an average student.

Before we start, let’s see the numbers first. 90% of college students in America are Netflix users. 71% of these students (which is almost three quarters) watch 2-10 hours weekly. Rutgers University boasts having one of the biggest quantities of students who watch Netflix on the campus of the university.

Remarkably, even taking into consideration the popular opinion about Netflix’s dangerous ability to make people addicted to it, the vast majority of students state that being Netflix subscribers increases their productivity, reduces stress, and assists with social interactions.

How can it be possible? There’re certain logics and reasoning behind such assertions. First of all, Netflix often assists in finding new friends. One of the major problems for the unknown people is finding a common ground. When you don’t know what you have in common or you have very little in common, you can always choose a topic of discussion influenced directly by Netflix, because you know that almost all students watch it.

Surprisingly, Netflix helped some people to find the love of their lives! When two people watch movies together, it can lead to something more than a simple Netflix friendship. Such outcome has more chances to happen if connections are made thankfully to similar tastes.

On the contrary, the researches are less optimistic in regards to Netflix binge-watching, because such behavior decreases the number of sleep hours and as we know the less sleep a student gets, the less concentrated he or she is. Sleep deprivation also leads to irritability. Both issues lead to decreased academic performance and problems in relationships.

However, sleep deprivation is not the only unwanted effect. It may be surprising, but it’s a fact that binge-watching movies can influence female fertility in a negative way. It can also lead to weight gain, which is the major stress factor. Finally, if you’re watching a bright screen all night long, it can serve as a reason for depression and increased stress hormone levels.

As we can see, the existence of Netflix isn’t something that is destined to spoil students’ lives because it can influence them both in negative and positive ways. On the one hand, the habit of late night binge-watching can damage student’s health and influence performance negatively. On the other, it assists with social interactions and can reduce stress if used wisely.

So, don’t terminate your subscription. Stopping to binge-watch Netflix in the night, even if they have your favorite TV shows, will be enough!

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