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5 Tips for Graduates Searching for a Good Job

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5 Tips for Graduates Searching for a Good Job

The concept that it’s necessary to be an Ivy League graduate to get a good job is outdated. A diploma from a reputable seat of learning will definitely be a plus point in your resume, but getting a job doesn’t come down to just that. Sad statistics show that up to 44% of millennials are making a living on various part-time jobs and can barely make the ends meet. To get a high-income job with a potential for self-growth, you need to make an effort and do these things.

1. Create a Linked in Profile

Today, you can’t avoid using modern technologies when hunting for a job. Moreover, their assistance makes the whole process easier and quicker. LinkedIn is the website where you should establish your presence first. This platform is widely used both by employers and job seekers.

Create a profile where you list your education, internships, part-time jobs and any kind of work experience. If you were honored any awards, don’t hesitate to mention them as well.

2. Network

Once your profile is completed and looks promising, it’s time to make connections. However, there is one more option that you should consider when making associations – the career service center in your college. Obviously, their help is more of an additional type, since they can only push you in a certain directions by linking you to the graduates, who work in your field. Yet, this can be a good start of your job search, so don’t neglect this option.

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3. Find an Internship

If there is a company you dream to work in, but they don’t hire graduates right off the bat, consider getting an internship there. Yes, this experience won’t be profitable in a materialistic way, but you’ll be able to create personal image and establish your presence.

Working persistently during the internship will dramatically boost your chances to be hired later. Even if you don’t get the job in the end, an internship in a successful company is a great addition to your resume and will be appreciated during your next try.

4. Find a Mentor

Many people would refer to their parents or professors as their mentors. It’s obviously a good thing to have someone with life experience who can help you out with advice. Nevertheless, consider using the guidance of someone working in your sphere of interest. Seasoned professionals like no one else know about all peculiarities of the job you’re endeavoring to get.

5. Get Certified

Finishing all college courses is great but it might be not enough. Often graduates are taken aback by the requirements that employers set and they realize that they are lacking some valuable experience or skills. It might be a good idea to dedicate some time for specialization courses to develop skills necessary for your dream job.

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