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A Car for a Student: Advantages and Disadvantages

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A Car for a Student: Advantages and Disadvantages

Does a student really need a car? Is it only about benefits? In addition, are there any pitfalls? Let’s find out all pros and cons of a personal transport for a student.

Is it a Real Need or Just a Whim?

At first, we should determine is it a real need or just a whim? Of course, here the opinions will definitely differ, as someone will say ‘yes, sure’, while the other one will say ‘no.’ Everyone has an individual need for a car, as everyone has his/her own living conditions. Someone lives in a village or small town far from campus and someone is in a big city.

It’s All about Your Image

The standard image of a student is that it is someone with a bunch of textbooks and notebooks. He / she usually goes to classes in subway or by bus. There is no doubt you’ll be the center of attention if you drive to campus! Not to mention girls who go crazy because of the ‘drivers’. A car is the indicator of your status. If you have an intention to impress others, you should buy something that isn’t old, at least a pretty good used car, but of the 21st century. Your car is your reflection, so think twice before you buy it.

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What Are the Disadvantages?

Driving license is the first one. Moreover, keep in mind the money you’ll spend on gasoline. All that stuff like oil, tires, and spare parts. Besides, the old used car will definitely often break. That’s why it’s reasonable to buy a car that is more or less new.

Be ready to cope with breakages (which include the need to check the candles, replace the wheel), as it’s inevitable. It would be great for if you were able to cope with such basic things. If anything happens, you’ll repair the car yourself.

Bear in mind that you won’t have time to lie under the car, as you are a student. Instead of repairing your car in the evenings, you’ll need to study. The solution here is to pay to a car service or to have someone who can do it (it may be someone of your relatives).

It’s definitely honorable for a student to own a car, as with the help of it you may impress others, especially the young. Nevertheless, don’t forget that it’s not only an indicator of your status and mode of transportation, reconsider carefully all advantages and disadvantages before buying a car.

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