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Premarital Sex

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Premarital Sex

Premarital sex is considered to be a massive problem of modern society. People don’t want to wait to have sex until they officially create a family union. They just don’t know about the negative consequences, which premarital sex has, thinking that it’s just a fun activity that doesn’t oblige anyone to anything. From the time when one becomes physically mature, sex is perceived as an awesome thing. Even from the elementary school, kids tend to talk about sex, imagining their first time. However, from where do they pick this idea first? It’s easy to see that they pick it up from the popular culture, where sex is being propagated. Movies, magazines, big-boards, MTV, Internet – sex is everywhere. You can rarely see a movie without people kissing or having sex on the screen. Complete nudity is prohibited, but it doesn’t make any difference whether a six-year old child sees a nude or semi-nude couple. The effect is the same.

What about the consequences of having premarital sex? One of the worst imaginable results is AIDS. AIDS stands for auto immune deficiency syndrome. It’s a deadly virus that kills human immune system. Nevertheless, those, who have AIDS, don’t die from that virus. They die from diseases that they wouldn’t have got if their immune system was strong enough. For instance, AIDS may cause death from a simple cold. In case like this, a cold starts as usual, but because the immune system doesn’t fight back, a simple cold turns into a horrible disease with lethal outcome. The stats are grim: AIDS has already killed millions of people all over the world. Sex is the number one way to spread this disease, because it is transmitted via the exchange of bodily fluids. What people don’t understand is that not being monogamous and engaging in premarital sex can lead to getting this disease.


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Another bad consequence of premarital sex is damage to the reputation. If people find out that a person has uncontrolled sex life and has STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), that person would be laughed at or, what’s more unpleasant, totally disrespected.

Christianity is a major religious belief in the United States of America. According to Christian beliefs, lust is a sin and having sex before marriage is wrong. Sex equals to a sinful action in Christianity; when people sin, they go to hell. According to Christian religious teachings, lust is not to be taken lightly, because it’s one of seven deadly sins. Lust leads to sex, and uncontrolled sex leads to suffering of many people.

With the dominance of propaganda aimed to popularize sex, modern people have lost high standards of ethical conduct. People should get back to these high standards, start being monogamous, and stop having premarital sex. Sex should become a sacred act, a sincere expression of beautiful love shared by two people, who put deep meaning into it. Only then, problems like AIDS, abortion, or abandoned children will be banished forever.

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