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Tips on Staying Healthy at College

Tips on Staying Healthy at College

Strong emotions always leave a trace on your body. Some of these traces can be particularly noticeable, like a fancy tattoo or few extra pounds. You probably have heard of the famous “Freshman 15” phrase used to describe extra weight newbies which the students tend to gain during the first year at college. This is not just your appearance that is at risk because of your poor dietary choices. Apart from buying a new pair of XL jeans, you may find yourself seeing a doctor more and more frequently. So, extra weight is the most common threat to your health during your college years. However, the list of possible dangers is long, so check it out to be forewarned and forearmed.


Obesity is the problem that goes far beyond your campus area – the whole country is affected. Recent research proves that the primary cause of obesity is sugar. Being addicted to sugar raises your chances of gaining extra weight, as simple as that. It also adds to a so-called metabolic syndrome which leads to hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and, as the result, death. And it all starts right now, at college.

This “innocent” addiction leads to Freshman 15 and “decadent decay” – mouth cavity problems which can only be identified by a dentist. You might think that dental problems are not that serious, however, medical experts confirm that you will never be really healthy if you ignore your oral health.

The “Big E’s”

Which stands for eat real food, exercise regularly and sleep well (because sleep has two “ee’s” in it).Your nutrition has to be balanced. It does not mean you have to diet – no way! On the contrary, you have to eat more – more veggies, more fruit, dairy products, and whole grains. This will keep your sugar low. Plus, always carry some snacks with you. You might think snacks are the enemies of your thin waist but no, they are not. Hunger makes you look for quick fix of sugar level. If you are dying for something sweet, get yourself a juicy fruit.

To make your body function better, exercise. If you feel there is no place for gym in your schedule, just walk to the classes, check out campus facilities, there is definitely some free sport equipment. Finally, sleep is crucial. Without it, your mood will gradually deteriorate; you’ll become easily distracted and irritated. Sleep is your free medicine.

Hollywood Smile

You need to pay particular attention to the oral cavity hygiene. Think of your teeth and enamel when getting your tongue or lips pierced. These tiny bits of fashion can leave permanent damage. Remember that juices, sodas, and energy drinks contain acid which is also harmful for your enamel. Never brush your teeth right after you drink such drinks. Wait at least for 30-60 minutes, this is the time needed for your saliva to neutralize acid. Use soft toothbrushes – you do not need to apply pressure to remove plaque.

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