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Advantages & Disadvantages of Long-Distance Relationships

Advantages & Disadvantages of Long-Distance Relationships

Is It Beneficial to Have Long-Distance Relationships?

I know that many of you will call it crazy, but I was in a long-distance relationship during almost the whole college career. Despite the fact that many students think that college time is perfect for romantic experiments and quick relationships, these are just not for me. You may also think that me and my partner got married and lived happily after college. Well, this is not true. Many of the couples who were in long-distance relationships break up, and we were one of them. This is because having this kind of relationship is much more stressful and complicated than dating regularly. On the other hand, there are also positive sides of long-distance relationships. Let’s discuss them further.

Advantages of Long-Distance Relationships


Maintaining good communication is the biggest part of long-distance relationships. You and your partner communicate at least once per day just to say hello and tell how much you miss each other. You simply know that without communication, your relationship will not last long.

Online Dates and Countdowns

It is also good that you may ask your partner for an online date and feel an emotional contact even though there are miles between you two. You may also count the time till your real-life date, even if it is months from now.

Keeping it Fresh

If you do not see each other too often, you have a lot of new things to talk about every day. You are getting to know each other slowly, so there is always a way to surprise your partner and keep your relationship fresh.

Disadvantages of Long-Distance Relationships


The inability to see each other often leads to mistrust issues and causes jealousy. This may become unbearable when a partner goes too far and tries to control every step.


Planning a real-life date may be stressful and take a lot of time that could be spent on studying. It is hard to arrange perfect time because your schedules are completely different. In addition, there is a need to do your homework in advance in order to spend a day relaxing. Are you ready to cope with such stress?


While you do not see each other often, your partner may evolve into completely different person. College life is full of experiences that may change one’s personality entirely. So, it often happens that your partner becomes a different person that is completely opposite to the one you fell in love with.

Now, it is the best time to decide whether a long-distance relationship will work for you. Consider all the advantages and disadvantages and make your choice!

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