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CarMax Corporate Responsibility

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Free «CarMax Corporate Responsibility» Essay Sample

Corporate Compliance

The CarMax Company is one of the largest and fast-growing companies in the car industry. Therefore, it offers a range of career opportunities. CarMax organization culture is famous because of its comfortable locations, benefits of its corporate compliance, and loyalty of its customers and staff. As the company is situated in the United States, it uses the English language as an artifact for the successful and complete communication both in the team and with the customers (Davis, 2015). Beyond the language, the ceremonial issue is one of the significant parts of the company’s corporate compliance (Davis, 2015). When the team member works well and shows loyalty to the company, he receives the benefits. Notable, that the rewards do not just only have the form of the presents. One of the company’s traditions is the steak cookout for the employees (Erb, 2011). This event is conducted on the regular basis, helping the team to improve their inner relationship in the friendly atmosphere of the picnic and helping the employees’ communication beyond the premises of the organization.

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The fundamental principle of the corporate compliance of the CarMax Company is integrity reflected in the inner relationship in the team (Davis, 2015). The organization grounds on the shared values. The employees are the effective resource of the company, and there is the aim of the management to value every worker. Everyone is integrated into the decision-making process regardless of the status in the company’s hierarchy (Erb, 2011). The values that are significant in the corporate culture of CarMax are diversity, teamwork, customer focus, cooperation, successful communication, associate development, and respect (Erb, 2011). The company provides all the employees with an opportunity to learn. As one of the major values of the organization is customer-focused communication, everyone in the team should improve their communication skills (Erb, 2011). Moreover, CarMax is open for hiring from campuses. Young workers aim to bring the new vision to the company and to support its further development.

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Beyond the training and team building, every worker of the organization receives a daycare serving account, adoption assistance, life insurance, an associate discount program, and an employee assistance program. The company takes care of the health of the members of its team, so everyone has the right to receive the benefit of the dental care and support of a dietician (CarMax, 2014). Moreover, the Expecting Mothers Program offers help to the young mothers working at the company (CarMax, 2014). It is significant to point out that every employee has the possibility to get the paid time off according to the personal needs (Erb, 2011). The Retirement Program in CarMax also focuses on the benefits for those who spend longer time with the company and decide to retire from it (Erb, 2011). Every employee within the CarMax Company shares common assumptions (CarMax, 2014). According to their records, everyone who had worked on the team was valued and felt like the part of a big family. Therefore, the corporate compliance of CarMax takes the right way and supports the development of the company as a whole.

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Ethical Issues

Ethical conduct is a key value for the CarMax Company. Sound and ethical provision of business practices is a significant issue in the modern corporate performance. According to the Code of Conduct of the company, everyone should be aware of the possibility of violating ethical issues (CarMax, 2014). Diversity is not only the part of the corporate compliance. It is also an issue promoted among the customers. All customers are equal in their rights in the premises of the CarMax Company and they have the right for the high-quality service. Everyone should be treated with the utmost respect regardless of his or her social status (CarMax, 2014). All customers should have the best experience of using the services of the CarMax organization. According to the culture within the organization, all customers of the company should experience its ethical offers (Davis, 2015).

The company’s management ensures that every customer, stakeholder, associate, and employee should be treated with respect to their gender, age, race, sexual orientation, disability, national origin, marital status, citizenship, etc. The company meets the requirements of the community and acts with the aim of offering the service of the highest quality. The management recognizes the value and significance of every employee and provides an inclusive and collaborative environment to encourage them in the evaluation of ideas (CarMax, 2014). Moreover, the community receives the possibility to achieve promotion in leadership, wellness, and education. At the same time, the CarMax Company provides internship and volunteer activities as a recognition of the value of every member of the community (CarMax, 2014).

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The company is open for the dialog with its customers. For this purpose, the management has created the hotline where everyone anonymously can express the attitude towards the service in CarMax (Davis, 2015). This issue helps to evaluate the hidden problems and controversial issues. Therefore, the company always cooperates with its customers, shows its loyalty to them, and emphasizes the need of the constant development to be one of the best retailers in the sphere.

Social Responsibility/Programs

Integrity is the core aspect for the CarMax Company. The commitment of the company lies in the enrichment and healthier future for the communities, where the associates of the company work and live. Therefore, the company has a variety of grants, volunteer programs, and support activities for providing their customers, stakeholders, and employees with complete maintenance. The company’s management aims to help the local families, and especially children in their goal in achieving health lifestyles (CarMax, 2014).

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The company recognizes the value of children in the future of the planet. Therefore, the company provides them with the possibilities for achieving movement and places for the outdoor training. It gave the rise for the cooperation with the KaBOOM! Movement (CarMax Social Responsibility, 2014). This national nonprofit organization aims to provide all the children with the possibilities for the active play and the childhood filled with movement. The company invests millions of dollars in the development of this organization to be sure that every child in the USA would have the place to play and to spend the time in an active way. For now, more than 30 playgrounds have appeared in the areas that lacked them (CarMax Social Responsibility, 2014). Moreover, all these playgrounds were built with the help of volunteers and CarMax’ associates.

The other program of the CarMax Company concerns military commitment and support of those who serve for the benefit of their country. The organization provides career opportunities for all military representatives who have the desire to work and provide the happiness to their families. For the provision of this program, CarMax cooperates with the Hiring Our Heroes and The Mission Continues movements (CarMax Social Responsibility, 2014). With the help of these initiatives, the company helps the veterans, service members, and military spouses to get the meaningful job opportunity. Moreover, in the cooperation with the KaBOOM! Movement, CarMax provides the veterans with all the needed support of the psychologists and behavior regulators (CarMax Social Responsibility, 2014).

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War is not the only disaster that could occur with the associates of the company in their lives. Therefore, the company provides support in association with the American Red Cross as a Disaster Responder Member (CarMax Social Responsibility, 2014). Despite the reaction and volunteer help to everyone who faces the results of natural and other disasters, the CarMax Company organizes blood drives. This initiative is useful for all the associates of the organization. It has helped many people to survive after the serious injuries in the accidents.

The environmental program is another virtue of the CarMax Company. The organization is respectful of nature, and it recycles and minimizes the waste it produces. Thus, 85% of water used for the car washes is reclaimed water (CarMax Social Responsibility, 2014). The plastics, cans, cardboard, and other goods are recycled. While constructing new premises, the company works with vendors to minimize the amount of waste produced. Energy innovation is also a significant issue for the company. CarMax uses the solar energy and energy-efficient lamps for the lighting of its premises (CarMax Social Responsibility, 2014). Moreover, it uses the innovative system of energy recovery wheels in air heating and conditioning, which allows saving 50% of energy (CarMax Social Responsibility, 2014). Therefore, the company recognizes the need of being nature-friendly and respectful for the associates, and it develops new programs constantly.

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CarMax is the company that recognizes its responsibility of federal, state, and local laws. The company does not require every member of the team to know all the peculiarities of the law, but the management encourages them to ask questions when any doubts appear. The accounting issues must be obligatorily obtained by the company in accordance with the federal law. The CarMax organization pays much attention to the correspondence of all transactions and payments with the notices in the books and bills (CarMax, 2014). Another legal issue touches the advertisement law. Therefore, the company complies with the variety of federal, state, and local laws to provide the advertisement of the highest quality legally. Moreover, every associate of the organization should provide the customers with the reliable information about the goods, and it should be responsible for these actions.

Antitrust laws are significant for all the associates of the company. As these laws prohibit monopolies and unfair trade practices, every member of the CarMax team should respect them (CarMax, 2014). Moreover, any board member is prohibited to provide any cooperation with the companies that share the sphere with CarMax (CarMax, 2014). Consumer protection and information security are also of significant value to the company. According to the federal law, all the personal data should be secure, so all the associates should provide the implementation of these requirements.

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The unauthorized copying or any other use of the copyrighted materials is the violation of the federal law, and it is not excused within the CarMax Company. Moreover, the organization faces the obligatory implementation of the environmental laws. Thus, any unsafe storage of the hazardous materials is immediately reported to the supervisor in order to fix the problem (CarMax, 2014). The company also cooperates with lawful government inquiries and investigations. If any problem occurs, the management of the organization should provide the authorities with complete information on the issue (CarMax, 2014). At the same time, CarMax recognizes the right of any person to interact with the political life of the country. However, the company’s requirement prohibits any involvement of the corporate name that could influence the corporate image of the company.

The law also regulates the trade of the insider information. According to the federal law, any internal information should be provided for the external sources or any other company members who have no need for obtaining the data (CarMax, 2014). Federal law prohibits any exchange or selling of the inside information, so anyone who does this should face civil and criminal penalties. Moreover, the board members and senior managers of the company have obligations to report any transactions in the stock for the Securities and Exchange Commission (CarMax, 2014). The implementation of all the laws is the significant issue for the CarMax Company, and all the associates should follow them with respect and complete agreement with them. Only legal consciousness would bring the company the prosperity.

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