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Innovative Nursing Care Delivery Models

Free «Innovative Nursing Care Delivery Models» Essay Sample

Innovative Nursing Care Model

The collaborative patient care management model is a multidisciplinary population-based management model. I chose this approach for the medical facility as it intends to deliver balanced quality, cost and care delivery process in a working atmosphere. One of its primary aspects is to ensure that nurse-initiated patient education promoting health maintenance is undertaken (Health Workforce Solutions [HWS], 2008). Therefore, I chose the model because its approach consistently validates the link between lower caregiver turnover and higher quality care over time. As an innovative care technique, the principle fits in my organization’s stated mission, philosophy, and values.

According to the medical facility mission, it intends to be the most successful medical organization by offering the best patient experience. Therefore, the model’s ability to provide balanced quality, cost, and care delivery processes would be applied to improve care provision to the clients. One of the medical facility’s values is to deliver results that make a positive difference by leading with openness and winning with integrity. Therefore, the collaborative patient care management model fits in the medical facility’s values in terms of delivering patient satisfaction (HWS, 2008). Lastly, the medical facility’s philosophy is to provide qualitative health care services by consistently improving the connection between patients and health care providers.

Development Team for Innovative Nursing Care Model

The members that I would choose to be on my team so as to develop and implement the model are patient care coordinators, physicians, a secretary and a co-manager and nurses. The purpose of involving doctors and the patient care coordinator is significant as they co-chair multidisciplinary practice groups in hospitals. The co-manager, on the other hand, fosters collaboration and sharing of best practices across the group in question. The secretary would be involved in the aspect of drafting the contents of the model (HWS, 2008). The team members are significant for the success of the approach because each of them has to play a specific important role.

Thus, working as a team would ensure that all the members come up with a collaborative patient care management model that sustains the needs of the medical facility. I would make the nurses communicate the importance of the approach to the society from personal and professional perspectives. Thus, I would lure the team members to take part in the implementation of the model by asking them to share their experience as care providers and individuals (HWS, 2008). Therefore, the involvement of the mentioned employees is a good approach because it would create a favorable outcome for the organization.

Incorporation of Selected Model into My Work Setting

The collaborative patient care management model is a multidisciplinary populace-based nursing approach. It is a good innovation because it brings about a balanced eminence, cost and care liberation procedures to the working atmosphere. The model would be incorporated in my working environment through the democratic leadership strategy. The first step that would have to be initiated is illustrating the organization’s personnel the significance that can be derived from the approach (HWS, 2008). The second stage would be explaining to members their role in implementing and using the model. Lastly, practicing the pattern through the democratic leadership approach where each employee would be permitted to contribute his/her expertise would be applied. The contributions to be made would be identified by the co-manager before the company initiates everything.

When it comes to the issue of adoption, members would be encouraged to adapt to the new model through the strategy of rewarding them. Motivating personnel through positive comments is one of the items that would be used to ensure that they get used to the approach. Another way would entail working with them so as to get closer to them. An idea of trying to connect with all team members is a suitable practice as it would give them a reason to adapt the model (HWS, 2008). The implication here is that being in good contact with employees is a good aspect based on the fact that it would bring them close to the new approach.

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Furthermore, communication is another essential strategy that would have to be used so as to implement the model in my work setting. Interacting with members is a good way as it enables each party to understand the content of the innovation. Moreover, the approach helps all personnel to understand each other which is a way of helping them to adapt to the model (HWS, 2008). Communication is also a good way that would be used to modify the model in my work setting. Fundamentally, the mentioned strategies are significant as they are designed to help members to adapt the model at the workplace.

Evaluation of Model: Outcome Measurement

After the implementation of the model, the outcomes that I would measure are how members are responding, what patients expect and the positive and negative feedbacks from the stakeholders. The measurement would be initiated through the media and questionnaires. A sampling would be used annually (HWS, 2008). The feedback got from the questionnaires would be used to determine the percentage of those satisfied with the change within a time frame of six months and one year. This technique would be effective because clients are willing to get better service delivery and hence knowing their comments would count, they would contribute their thoughts. The media would entail the use of a Facebook page and a Twitter handle, where questions would be posted every month. The comments made would be useful in measuring the number of satisfied and dissatisfied patients. Therefore, the results would be evaluated within every six months so as to update the hospital’s target and operations.

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