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Category: Management

Strategic Human Resources Management Assignment

Introduction Some time ago, popular Western companies were on the top list of the most valuable brands in the world. Nowadays, Asian countries are se...
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Monitoring Employees on Networks

Over the years, the world economy has gradually been changing from an industrial age to an information age. Technological advancements, such as e-mail...
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Sustainability in International Supply Chain

The concept of supply chain management is in the limelight among global producers and international corporations who have to deal with different produ...
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Toyota Organizational Behavior

Toyota mainly targets medium and low income earners. Therefore, in order to successfully sell their cars to this category of people, the company has t...
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Domestic Airline Industry

Introduction Aviation policies and regulations have their respective influences on the domestic airline industry. That is why airline operators and m...
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Change Management KI

A change is a significant element of the company’s development in terms of the contemporary business competition and market penetration. The company...
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STCW Manila Amendments, On/Off Hire Surveys

STCW Manila Amendments An international conference held in June 2010 and hosted by the Metropolitan Manila was to amend the STCW Convention of 1978 (...
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Project Work Performance

Introduction A publishing company, CSU Central Books, is working directly with the college; thus, it is engaged in the organization of its educationa...
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Organizational Culture

Introduction Mr. Joel Wong, a Head of Equity Finance and Collateral Management of Scotiabank, Singapore, should consider improving what is good to ma...
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Strategic Decision Making

It becomes increasingly difficult to ignore the fact that organizational structuring has a direct impact on strategic decision making of any company. ...
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Leaders and Leadership in Organizations

In the modern world, leaders are expected not only to be skilled in monitoring the performance of the staff and coordinating their actions, but also i...
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Human Resource Report

The human resource department is an imperative department in BP firm as it deals with hiring and other issues related to employee's welfare. The depar...
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