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Establishing and Maintaining Energy Management Philosophy

Free «Establishing and Maintaining Energy Management Philosophy» Essay Sample

Energy management is the process of planning and operating energy related production and consumption entities. The objective of this philosophy is to enhance resource conservation, environmental protection and cost reductions while at the same time ensuring that consumers have constant accessibility to the energy resources required. Energy management is closely related to logistics, environmental conservation and production management as well as other key business functions.  Thus, energy management technique involves proactive systematic and organized coordination of procurement processes, conversion, distribution and energy usage. The technique takes economic and environmental objectives into account.

There are various reasons why energy management processes are important to a castor oil production organization. The main reason for the necessity of energy management stems from the needs to save energy and effectively use it. The global demands for energy in the world have influenced energy prices, targets of emission and energy regulation. All these factors lead to various reasons that compel users and organizations in particular on the need to save energy.

In a castor oil production firm the energy management philosophy should be utilized right from the production, distribution and consumption stage. Facility management is an important part of the philosophy because it accounts for 25% of the total operating costs of energy. Facility management is an area that entails various disciplines in order to facilitate functionality of the constructed operating environment that ensure proper integration of staff, processes, places and technology. The main task of energy management at this point is to reduce the cost of providing energy to castor oil facilities and buildings without having to find compromise with the work process. The ease of use, availability and service life accorded to the equipment should be constant.  Some of the by-products obtained from castor oils extraction process can be used as lubricants in the industry. As a result, production companies reduce the cost of energy consumed and slow the process of wear and tear in the machines.

The supply and flow of energy from the source to its destination should meet the demands as the core objective of energy management. The management of the firm should adopt systems that can save up to 14% of the cost of production; it should also address environmental concerns. The most important factors to consider in distribution are transport systems, duration and the length of transportation and integration of logistic services. Thus, choice of the source of energy supply for the castor oil extraction firm should be readily accessible by the firm.

In consumption, energy demand management should be considered a strong policy in castor oil production. According to my management philosophy, the consumption demand should be modified through a selection of methods such as financial incentives in order to encourage consumers to use the least energy per peak hour. The suggested strategy can stabilize energy consumption at all times.

In running a castor oil production plant, I would establish the basis of energy management strategies in relation to corporate culture and ethical standards. Ethical concerns in the context of business operations examine the morals and ethical principles or ethical issues that arise in business operating environment. The most relevant philosophical idea relating to energy management is utilitarianism. Utilitarianism is a form of ethical principle with a maxim that specifies whether the acts are right or wrong and whose results are optimal for the welfare of those affected by them.  In energy management, the presence of external costs in conservation should be highly considered because they do not have a direct effect on those who are directly affected by those economic activities. However, it has a direct impact on the future of the company if the production and consumption mechanism cannot be internally controlled at present.

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