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International Human Resource Management

Free «International Human Resource Management» Essay Sample

Interpersonal Skills

The human resource manager of Apple Inc. is said to have demonstrated the best interpersonal skills in human resource management (Briscoe, 2012). The manager can effectively communicate verbally all her instructions, warnings and recommendations to the employees of that company. The manager is also able to have a steady body language that sends the only intended message to fellow colleagues. Good listening skills to employees’ complaints, as well as recommendations, are also directly attributable to being part of the manager’s qualities. On numerous occasions, the manager has been known to explore and analyze different options of making sound decisions, which are very crucial to the success of the company.

Conflict Handling Skills

The human resource manager, who can directly be attributed to having the best skills in this area, is that of the Ford Company, when thousands of cars had to be recalled (Prescott, 2012). Different departments within the company faced a crisis as to who was to blame for the mishap. The quality control department felt the blunt of the threatening disagreement and had to respond to the conflict based on the personal perceptions. The human resource manager was forced to step in and apply strong negotiation skills between various employees in conflict as well as to take corrective actions against the employees to blame for mishap in order to avoid future occurrence of such situations.

Diversity Management Skills

An aspect of good human resource practices that can be attributed to the Google Inc., is the way, in which the human resource manager handles diversity in the working environment (Briscoe, 2012). Diversity in most workplaces usually takes the form of age, gender, ethnicity, race, ancestry, educational background, income, and religious beliefs of different employees. The human resource manager of Google Inc. has taken time to understand all these differences and how they affect performance, success, interaction with other employees and also motivation of the employees. With careful analysis and consultation, the manager can understand the diversity in the workforce and put in place different performance evaluation indicators for each category in order to avoid contrasting interests.

Negotiation Skills

The human resource manager of the department, which has continuously shown the qualities of having strong negotiation skills, is also that of the SAS Company, which is credited with a slow rate of promoting employees (Briscoe, 2012). It happened during negotiation of remuneration amongst various employees and promotion of them to the top management. It has been achieved by the department through the policy framework of active listening. The negotiator, mainly the human resource manager, has the necessary skills of active listening of these employees’ needs. The human resource manager also makes it his priority to actively listen rather than impose himself on the employees. It has led to the retention of top employees, important for the growth of the company through various incentive programs.

Knowledge of Relevant Acts

A relevant act is the extent of awareness of HRM concerning the current legislation that governs the employers-employees relations. An example is the Employment Act of 1946.  The human resource manager of Microsoft Corporation can be identified as being the one who has higher understanding of legislative acts (Losey, 2005). It can be attributed by the fact that it is one of the few companies experiencing low legal suits filed for gross violation of employees’ rights. It indicates a general trend, which shows that human resource is fully aware of the current legislative Acts.

Team Player

The most influential human resource manager, who can be attributed to have good team player skills, is that of the Goldman Sachs Company (Briscoe, 2012). He is also known to actively question the processes and conduct of some employees to be able to gain more insight in regard to their behavior. It may be because he listens attentively to the employees’ needs as well as wants, therefore, ensuring high retention rate of employees. He has also been known to persuade the directors of the company to promote the already existing employees within the structure of the company through active participation in their vetting and appraisal of staff performance.

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Leadership Skills

Leadership skills are essential in any given company with the human resource manager being a focal point in identifying these qualities in employees. The human resource manager of Genentech Company best exemplifies the importance of having leadership qualities in the human resource department (Mathis, 2011). Another aspect of leadership demonstrated by the human resource manager is promotion of effective communication across the business functional areas, important for proper coordination of activities. It is shown through his methodology of honesty, where there is a strong belief in building capacity for both the current needs of the business and also the future needs through first promoting current employees of the company who are capable.

Good Motivator

The human resource manager credited with being a good motivator belongs to the Baptist Health South Florida (Snell, 2012). It is through the way he handles employees, who at times work long hours, while others have to be called in due to emergencies. Good human resource managers should be able to motivate their employees to achieve greatness within the organization, as exemplified by the human resource manager of Baptist Health South Florida. Another example is the higher number of staff in the human resource department and in the entire organization, who are promoted continuously from various departments of the company. The human resource manager should recognize and understand their efforts, which makes the team feel that their efforts are being appreciated. He is credited with having an incentive program, which is usually used to reward efforts of employees who have reached the goals set for them.

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