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Analytical Essay. The Most Essential Qualities

Analytical Essay. The Most Essential Qualities

Analytical essay writing is a difficult process, which requires a special approach. The name of the essay speaks for itself and explains what should be done in the paper: “analysis.” However, the task may get complicated, if you do not know what exactly should be analyzed. The current article will give you an insight of what analytical essay is and how to write it properly.

Analytical Essay Does not Summarize Anything

Many students consider analytical essay to be a summary of information. However, such belief can lead you to failure, as this type of paper is not a summary! Make sure your analytical essay does not sound as a book review because it is a wrong way of doing it.

In order to avoid this mistake, you must avoid simple restating of what has happened in the book. On the contrary, you need to make a clear relation to the main point of your paper.

An analytical essay is more about how? But not what? You have to answer the question: How the book is written? But not the question: What was written in the book? To complete your assignment successfully, you must be able to see the bigger picture than just the main idea of the book.

Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is an essential part of any paper as it gives a general insight into what the writer is going to analyze. Thesis is a main point of the paper, which is usually placed at the end of the introduction. As a result, it must be clearly formulated, so the readers could understand at once what they are going to deal with in the paper.

If a thesis statement is missing, it must be difficult for the reader to understand the main point without reading the whole essay. Still, considering that such activity takes much time and efforts, there is a high possibility that your paper will simply be ignored.

Supporting Evidence

It is clear that a reliable analysis is impossible without supporting ideas and evidence. If your intention is to make the audience take your stand on some point, you will need to back up your writing with a thorough research. It is the only way to provide strong and valid analysis.

Stating something without supporting it with facts equals to stating “the life on Mars exists because it is a very nice planet to live on.” Does it sound convincing? No. However, stating that “numerous researches prove that the life on Mars is possible due to numerous external factors, including atmosphere conditions” and supporting this information with a couple of citations, it will make your readers more interested in what you write.


Never forget about essay structure. The well-structured essay is a step to success. Do not forget about three most essential parts, such as introduction with thesis, main body and conclusion.

If you manage to follow all the recommendations given in the current article, you will be able to provide a superb analytical essay without problems.

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