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Narrative Essay Tips and Tricks

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Narrative Essay Tips and Tricks

There are different types of essays at universities. It depends a lot on which class and subject you are attending. However, one of the most popular written assignments is a narrative essay. Although it is trendy and well-known for many years already, plenty of students, especially, newcomers, still face a lot of difficulties to write this type of essay correctly.


We should realize that a narrative essay is a piece of text written by some author on a particular topic. It means that you are free to choose the length, thematic, style, vocabulary, etc. by yourself. Usually, each narrative essay describes the author’s experience and consists of five paragraphs.

Tips and Tricks

Although a narrative essay is a personal type of paper, it also has some rules and peculiarities you should follow.

  • Most students prefer to write their narrative essays using story-telling principle. In this case, you should remember that each story consists of three parts: introduction, main body, and conclusion. It is quite accessible to put setting and characters’ description in your opening. Of course, you should include some climax before or in your conclusion to make story comprehensive and logical. Usually, you have a clear plot with a few characters that are interacting. Do not make it too complicated!
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  • If you should write a book report or review, it is quite challenging to use story-telling principle. In this case, follow the structure of a typical review paper. Use a few sentences to describe the main idea of the reviewed book or article. Then, the central part of your narrative essay should be your thoughts on some particular issues. Finally, you may express your attitude to this book and give your recommendation about whether it is worth to be read or not. Thus, you will have a narrative essay where you combine an official style and own reflections.
  • It is incredibly crucial to highlight the purpose of your writing at the beginning of your narrative essay. It will help both – you and your readers. If you have a clear understanding of what you are going to write about and what are the main reasons, it will be much easier to write the entire paper. Besides, it will help your readers to define the topic and why it is necessary to read it.
  • Because a narrative essay is a personal type of paper – many students believe that they can write whatever they want. First of all, remember that it is forbidden to use pejorative lexicon even if you are describing your feelings or emotions. It will be not very polite to your readers. Instead, you are welcome to use different personal and sometimes weird expressions, phrases, idioms, puns, etc. to describe something or someone. So, you are free to use all sorts of stylistic devices. One more thing to remember – although a narrative essay allows you to use a personal pronoun “I” – do not use “I” too often. To personalize your essay does not mean to use “I” in each your sentence. Underline your personality with your broad vocabulary; impress your readers with stylistic devices, sentence structure, etc.

Write a unique narrative essay with these tips!

Good luck!

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