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Essay about Shopping

Essay about Shopping

Women all over the world like shopping and pretty things. Some people can argue with this social stereotype, but the pictures of exhausted man waiting for his loving part in the hall of the shopping center, group of girls in the café or fitness center chatting about the things they want, are going to or eager to buy and numbers of photos with fashion looks on Facebook and Instagram confirm that the beautiful part of the humanity is really crazy about shopping.

Statistics Numbers

In 2013, the researchers completed a survey in Britain. They analyzed 2 000 people and proved that after 26 minutes of shopping men get tired, while women still feel absorbed for 2 hours. According to the survey outcomes, 80% of men do not like going shopping with their counterparts and 45% try avoiding doing this at all costs. Is it the problem of misunderstanding and stubbornness of the opposite sex or is it their natural behavior? The different attitude of men and women to shopping stems far in the past and has nothing abnormal.

Finding the Roots

Kruger and Byker’s Theory

Daniel Kruger and Dreyson Byker proved that women love for shopping is normal for female gender-characteristics. Moreover, it was formed lots of thousands years ago. People lived like hunters-gatherers that time. The main function of female ancestors was to foraging for nuts, fruits, wild plants, and vegetables, while men had to hunt for wild animals. Both made their job in group, but while men had to keep silence, solitary and attention to catch the prey, women did not have to limit themselves in communicating and making noise. On the contrary, they often took their children and had a lot of fun together while doing their job. Thus, women’s duties combined with socialization and recreational nature are primarily and remained till today.

Dr. Young-Eisendrath’s Theory

Another researcher Dr. Polly Young-Eisendrath does not go so deep in history and focuses on consumerism of the Victorian era. She believes that female’s love for shopping is the result of “advertising and commercialism.” The scientist explains that in the Victorian era, women had limited choices for both social activities and livelihood. Thus, liberation movement and shopping changed the situation and bring them a newfound freedom. The thirst for making own choices was so huge for women of that time that they cannot slake it till nowadays.

There is no matter, what influenced women’s love for shopping either the hunter-gatherer era or the freedom of choice, which came together with commercialism, but it is evident, that shopping is more natural for women than for men. When we are conscious of the reason, we know perfectly well how to fight with the problem. Of course, reasonable shopping should be present in the life of every person, but those who are addicted and obsessed with a shopping idea can become more sensible shoppers with the knowledge of the core of the question, which lies in our genes.

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